Q: Can you name the practical steps you use to keep everything organized on-site? 
A: I treat my clients’ homes as of they were my own with daily sweeping and organizing any tools that occasionally stay on-site. Cleanliness is a very important part of the remodeling project and unfortunately commonly underrated by many companies. 

Q: Do you have any non-related skills that come in handy during remodeling projects? 
A: I have very good spacial awareness and troubleshooting skills.

Q: How do you like to communicate with your team and clients during a renovation project? 
A: I try to stay in constant communication with my clients and the office so everyone is on the same page throughout the entirety of my projects. Coconstruct is an amazing resource for communicating efficiently with both clients and the office simultaneously via pictures, job logs,and chat messages. 

Q: What strategies do you use to keep on schedule?
A: Taking the time to look into the following couple of days/following week and having subs scheduled and material on site in preparation. Ensuring goals are set and completed in time by their deadlines to keep the job moving efficiently. 

Q: What would you say has been the most challenging project?
A: You know, id say it was probably Lecompte (a recent kitchen we completed). That side panel on the side of a custom fridge/built-in area. Getting everything EXACTLY where it needed to be. Even though it seemed like it was really just a simple side panel, there was a LOT of details and precision that went into it to make sure that the design was constructed flawlessly. It was a great exercise coordinating the details with Lauren, the designer on the project, and the homeowner. 

Favorite Projects: 

#1 Hart Kitchen – Small kitchen with a huge impact because of the small floor plan change we made.

#2 Lecompte Kitchen – Again, a lot of details went into the kitchen plan. A small kitchen compared to some we do, but we maximized EVERY bit of storage. There were also a ton of fun details that were challenging to get exactly right (which we did) 🙂