5 Remodeling Trends of 2020 with Staying Power

During the first half of 2020 (and throughout Cornerstone’s 8 years in business), we’ve enjoyed chatting with you about your visions for your remodeling projects. We love the “give and take” discussions about your wants, needs, and desires for your renovated spaces, including how to incorporate trendy, yet lasting elements.

The second half of the year is underway (which is hard to believe…) and we wanted to share 5 remodeling trends of 2020 with staying power:

  1. KITCHENS > Blue cabinets: It had been predicted that blue would really catch on in 2020. Color expert Jennifer Ott noted, “Both [dark colors] and navy continue to be popular, and I anticipate seeing them used in even larger doses in 2020, [including upper] kitchen cabinets rather than just the base cabinets or island,” she said. “To balance out these dramatic darks, I’m seeing equally liberal use of neutral to warm whites, such as wool and bone white.”
  1. KITCHENS > Wood cabinets: We’re on the cusp of a renaissance of full-wood kitchen cabinets. This trend could be a reaction to several years of mostly white and gray palettes, coupled with the enduring work of designers, artisans, and cabinetmakers who’ve shown the richness and diversity of various pure woods. In particular, one wood that’s getting a lot of attention is walnut. It’s naturally rich, warm, elegant, and inviting, which makes it perfect for welcoming kitchens. Walnut pairs beautifully with whites, grays, blues, and brass tones — all popular colors in modern kitchens.
  1. KITCHENS > Multifunctional island centers: While kitchen islands aren’t a new idea, they are evolving. Today, many homeowners use islands for more than just storage and countertop space. Islands are getting bigger and are taking on more function, including housing space for a microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, or cooktop. Islands are becoming multifunctional hubs in the kitchen, allowing various zones for cooking, prepping, cleaning, and potential homework space for children. It’s also hospitable for homeowners to perform main tasks at their island where guests and family might be sitting.
  1. BATHROOMS > Walk-in showers: This might be obvious to families considering a bathroom remodel or to those in the remodeling industry, but the desire for a walk-in shower seems like it’s reached an all-time high. Many homeowners want big showers that are easy to use, yet because showers are the tallest element in a bathroom, making them look good is also a common concern. However, with careful design and consideration, a walk-in shower can be a beautiful, functional part of a renovated bathroom space.
  1. BASEMENTS > Long gone are the dark corners and storage-filled basements from our past. Today, for many homeowners, basements serve as escapes – for visiting guests, work-at-home parents, schooled-at-home children, and devoted hobbyists (think crafters, movie buffs, or pool players). Basements offer homeowners space to renovate without building an addition. And, according to many sources, recently remodeled basements are adding higher a ROI for more homeowners. When they’re ready for their basement renovation, clients are seeking ways to lighten, brighten, and open the space to decrease the sometimes heavy, underground feeling.

The start of 2020 marked a new year and a new decade; what the rest of the year holds for remodeling trends is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure: your home and how you live in it can be transformed with new approaches and modern components.

If you’re ready to explore your next home renovation, contact us here. We look forward to hearing about your needs and discussing remodeling trends with you!

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