A 2020 Retrospective from Cornerstone Remodeling

2020 was quite a year (we’re holding all comments on 2021 at this point)! We hope you found moments of peace and joy in these uncertain times.

As we look back, we count our blessings, and know that most came through our work with you. Your kindness, support, and trust this past year – and in the years we’ve been in business – mean the world to us.

We’re sharing two items in this retrospective: A.J.’s annual holiday letter and links to the 2020 newsletters. We hope you enjoy them!

A.J.’s Annual Holiday Letter
It’s Christmas—the perfect time to reflect on the value of our friends and our family.

This is my family—my wife Jess and our three kids. They are the reason I work so hard to see Cornerstone become what it is—not just a successful company but one that honors God and prioritizes time at home for myself and every one of our employees. This year in particular, and as our family grows (we are adopting siblings!), one fundamental principle of mine has been reinforced: that a workplace should never take away from precious time spent at home watching your kids grow up, and that time with family can neither be replaced nor gotten back.

Speaking of family, I’m fortunate to not just have a biological family, but a vocational one as well—because if you’ve ever remodeled with us, you’d find it hard to disagree that our team is like one big family.

I’m also thankful knowing that so many of our clients have become friends over the years. Friends that saw us through this year and are happy to watch our [workplace] family grow.  

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting my family[ies] through this troublesome year. We look forward to serving our community in new ways, and turning houses into dream homes for new friends in the year to come!

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄

2020 Newsletters

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