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There are a lot of “firsts” that we’ve all been dealing with lately, and a first for us this week was the decision we made to suspend our field operations for the month of April.

We have clients that want to reduce risk, and we have employees (with pregnant wives, kids at home, and older parents) that want to reduce risk. Therefore, we made a decision that doesn’t feel natural, but does feel like the right thing to do.

Here at Cornerstone, we are always striving to be innovative industry leaders. We already pride ourselves in that regard with our project designs, but now we’re using that with our approach to continue operations in our office and make sure that our business remains as strong as ever. Because, honestly, it’s times like these that refine business owners to take the next critical steps in making sure that their business is what it should be.

For me, it’s to make sure that I have a business that creates meaningful relationships. A business that promotes a family friendly culture. A business that cares. A business that thinks outside the box. A business that does not do “business as usual”, especially during a time like this.

So, as a result, we will be working remotely but are still available by phone and email. We are very excited about the success in implementing our “Virtual Estimate” platform, which has enabled our customers to get quotes for remodeling projects without the need for us to visit their home during this crisis. We are also creating 3D models that our clients can download and explore from home, instead of needing to come to our office for the same unique visualization experience.

It’s a time like this that will make our business stronger. For now, we are home with our families – as many of you are – and working through all of this craziness. We’re here designing and developing proposals/estimates for our clients, and we want to remain doing so for the future of our company and for the families that depend on Cornerstone and her success. We want to make sure that our clients still have everything that they need, that we are continuing to bid and schedule projects, and that we strive to get back to work sooner to do the quality, purposeful and creative things that we have always done.

We are grateful to be in your prayers, as you are in our own. Happy spring to all of you, and we look forward to the future! Stay cheerful, stay healthy, and stay tuned (oh, and stay home!)

A.J., owner of Cornerstone Remodeling

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