The Average Cost of Bathroom Remodels in Maryland

Bathroom remodels are one of the most popular home remodeling projects in Maryland and nationwide. With real estate prices high across the state, more homeowners are investing in renovations to maximize their property values.

Bathrooms, in particular, offer one of the highest returns on investment for remodeling projects. The National Association of Realtors estimates bathroom remodels recoup about 60% of costs at resale. With the average bathroom remodel costing nearly $10,000 in Maryland, this project is a significant investment for most homeowners.

Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in Maryland

HomeAdvisor reports that as of 2022, the average bathroom remodel cost in Maryland is $9,909. This includes the national average cost of materials and labor. For a mid-range remodel of an average sized, 5×7 bathroom, you can expect to pay within this range.

Of course, exact costs vary significantly based on the project scope, materials used, home location, and more. Here is an overview of the typical bathroom remodel costs you can expect in Maryland:

Type of ModelPrice
Hall or Guest Bath$25,000+
Primary Bath$55,000+
Primary Bath-Luxury$75,000+

Examples of what is included in each remodel level:

Larger bathrooms require more materials and labor hours, increasing overall costs. The table below outlines material cost estimates based on bathroom size:

For a hall or guest bathroom renovation with basic to mid-level finishes, you can expect a budget starting at $25,000 or higher. This project typically involves replacing the existing bathtub while keeping the bathroom layout unchanged and fixtures in their current positions. Minimal electrical work may be needed, and semi-custom cabinetry will be installed. You can choose from level one granite or quartz for the countertops and level one plumbing fixtures for a functional and stylish upgrade. The backsplash tile used in this renovation is typically basic ceramic, ensuring a cost-effective yet refreshed look for your space.

For a primary bathroom renovation with mid-level finishes, you can anticipate a starting budget of $55,000 or more. This project involves replacing the existing tub and shower with a luxurious freestanding tub and a beautifully tiled shower. While the existing bathroom layout remains largely the same with some minor tweaks for improved functionality, fixtures are adjusted slightly within the general layout. Semi-custom cabinetry is installed, offering both practicality and style. The countertops are adorned with level two quartz, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

For the flooring, shower floors, and shower walls, you’ll enjoy the durability and sophistication of porcelain tile, with the option for accent details. Level two granite or quartz is used for additional countertop space. A custom niche is incorporated into the shower for convenience and aesthetics. Level two plumbing fixtures further enhance the bathroom’s appeal. Electrical fixtures are replaced and reconfigured as necessary to suit your preferences and needs. To complete the look, a custom frameless shower door adds a touch of modern elegance, turning your primary bathroom into a tranquil and inviting sanctuary.

Elevate your primary bathroom to a realm of luxury with high-end finishes and layout changes, starting at a budget of $75,000 or more. This transformative project involves replacing the existing tub and shower with a freestanding tub and intricately tiled shower. The bathroom layout undergoes significant changes, along with fixture layout adjustments, offering a customized and spacious feel. Crafted with precision, custom cabinetry and a vent hood add distinctive character to the space, while exotic granite or quartz countertops exude opulence.

Natural stone graces the bathroom floors, shower floors, and shower walls, with an option for accent details that enhance the aesthetic. A custom niche and bench in the shower provide both functionality and sophistication. Level three plumbing fixtures further enhance the bathroom’s upscale ambiance. Electrical fixtures are replaced and reconfigured as needed, including the addition of floor heating for comfort. Completing this lavish transformation is a custom frameless shower door, creating a serene and stylish retreat within your home.


Home prices and labor rates vary across Maryland counties. You can expect to pay as much as 25% more for identical remodels in expensive areas like Montgomery County vs. rural counties.

By understanding the biggest factors impacting bathroom remodel costs, you can make informed decisions on project scope and features to stay within your Maryland bathroom remodel budget.

Tips for Reducing Bathroom Remodel Costs

If your dream remodel exceeds your current budget, there are ways to reduce costs without compromising quality. Here are tips for completing bathroom renovations more affordably:

When embarking on a budget-friendly bathroom remodel, it’s prudent to prioritize surface updates such as paint, flooring, and fixtures, leaving major construction for a later phase. Opt for cost-effective alternatives like marble or quartz tile for countertops, which not only exude elegance but also come at a fraction of the price compared to slabs. To dodge retail markups, consider purchasing flooring, lighting, and faucets online. Look out for rebates and sales when acquiring plumbing fixtures and appliances. For minor tasks like painting and demolition, roll up your sleeves and provide your own labor. 

Collaborate with a contractor well-versed in cost-saving techniques and materials, and schedule your project during their slow season for more favorable rates. Request multiple packages with varying price points, embracing the good, better, best pricing strategy. Minimize custom cabinetry and opt for DIY assembly to cut costs, and contemplate smaller custom tile patterns to reduce installation time. If your existing flooring is in good shape, consider reusing it and refinishing as necessary. Invest wisely in durable materials like porcelain that promise longevity. By adhering to a wallet-friendly design plan and implementing these savvy cost-saving strategies, you can achieve an affordable bathroom remodel without compromising on the features you desire most.

Average Costs of Bathroom Remodel Materials and Fixtures

The costs below outline estimated price ranges for common materials and fixtures used in Maryland bathroom remodels:

Tile Costs

TypeCost per sq. ft.
Ceramic Floor Tile$1 – $5
Ceramic Wall Tile$5 – $10
Porcelain Tile$2 – $15
Natural Stone Tile$15 – $40
Glass Mosaic Tile$10 – $35

Plumbing Fixtures

FixtureCost Range
Toilet$100 – $600+
Sink and Faucet$200 – $2,000
Tub and Surround$500 – $5,000
Custom Shower System$1,500 – $10,000


TypeCost Range
Recessed Can Lights$75 – $150 each
Vanity Light Fixtures$50 – $500+
Decorative Pendant Lights$50 – $500+


TypeCost Range
Custom Vanity$1,000 – $10,000
Pre-Fab Vanity$300 – $3,000
Medicine Cabinets$150 – $1,000

Other Finishes

FinishCost Range
Paint$20 – $50 per gallon
Wallpaper$4 – $12 per sq. ft.
Heated Floors$3,000 – $4,500
Window Treatments$20 – $500+

One of the biggest decisions that impacts overall bathroom remodel costs is whether to hire a contractor or take on projects as a DIY job. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Hiring a Contractor


  • Experience with local building codes and permitting
  • Access to contractor discounts on materials
  • Faster project completion time
  • Warranties and insurance protection
  • Handles all demolition and disposal


  • Costs 20-30% more for labor vs. DIY -communicating your vision accurately is key
  • Permits, fees, and insurance get passed onto you

DIY Bathroom Remodel


  • Typically costs 35-50% less in labor
  • Control over product selection and design
  • Learn useful home improvement skills
  • Flexibility in project schedule


  • Inexperience can lead to mistakes
  • Longer timeline to complete work
  • Need to self-fund upfront costs
  • Physical demanding work

Recommendation: Consider DIY for cosmetic updates like paint, trim, and fixture replacement. For complex plumbing or electrical work, hire a pro.

FAQs: Bathroom Remodel Costs in Maryland

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel a Small Bathroom in Maryland?

For a bathroom under 35 square feet, you can expect to spend $3,000 to $7,000 on average for a simple remodel. This assumes you are keeping the existing layout and only replacing surfaces like tile and fixtures.

What Is The Cost To Completely Gut And Remodel a Bathroom in Maryland?

A full gut remodel that takes the bathroom down to the studs typically runs between $12,000-$25,000. This allows for reconfiguring the layout, moving plumbing, and replacing everything with new high-end finishes.

How Do I Get The Most Value Out Of My Maryland Bathroom Remodel?

The key to maximize value is to focus on projects that yield the highest return on investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, minor bathroom updates can recoup 80-90% at resale. New midrange fixtures, tile, and improved lighting add a lot of value for the cost.

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