Cornerstone Profiles: Annamarie Hamilton – Designer

Why did you choose a career in design?

I got into design through my love for transforming spaces. With a background in math, I appreciate precision, and being an interior designer lets me blend that with creating functional, stylish spaces. It all started with DIY projects at home, and now I have turned that into my career! Nothing makes me happier than seeing a client get so excited at a remodel of one of my designs. 

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What designers have had major influences in your career?

I find inspiration from various designers, but those who’ve significantly shaped my approach include Erin Napier, Shea McGee, and Amber Lewis, who all have their own distinctive styles that really resonate with me.

What social media sites inform your design philosophy?

Instagram and Pinterest have been great sources of design ideas, helping me stay in the loop with trends and creative perspectives.

How do you keep up on current design trends?

Generally, social media, home design magazines, and attending design conferences play a large role in keeping me up to date on modern trends. 

What questions do you ask clients when you first meet?

Asking clients how they want to use the space is very crucial to understand what their needs are. Additionally, asking clients what currently is not working with the space gives a lot of clarity on what is important to them and where their priorities lie.

How do you communicate with clients throughout the design process and during their installations?

We have a series of in-person meetings to discuss all the major aspects of a design. For the smaller details, we tend to communicate over email or on the phone. They are never left to handle things on their own and are an integral part of every step of the process along the way. After all, any design work is a collaborative effort. 

What’s your favorite place to vacation?

My favorite place I’ve been so far is Paris. I loved experiencing the culture, food, and architecture the city had to offer!

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