Cornerstone Profiles: Kyle Myers – Project Developer

Cornerstone Remodeling believes creativity and collaboration are the keys to unlocking your property’s potential. That’s why we hand-pick experts like Kyle Myers to lead our Project Development team. Here’s what he has to say about playing such an essential role in the construction of your dream home. 

Q: What do you love about your career in architecture? 

A: I’ve loved architecture since I was young. It all started when I’d erect towers out of wooden blocks and Legos, then it transformed into more sophisticated hobbies like The SIMS and Minecraft later on. By high school, I was enrolled in woodworking and CAD courses which finally introduced me to the real thing. I knew back then I wanted a career in architecture and interior/exterior design. It didn’t take long for me to earn my degree and begin my first internships the first summer after graduation. 

Q: Which designers/architects have influenced you the most?  

A: Jim Olson, Alvar Aalto, and Tom Kundig are just a few of the pros who have influenced my career the most. They really opened my eyes to the connection between nature and architecture, which ultimately reminded me of why I love this job in the first place. In fact, a major portion of my college education focused on modern vernacular similar to theirs. I found myself fascinated with how traditional architecture, contemporary construction methods, and natural design tie into the development of modern structures, building styles, and new materials.  

Q: What social media sites inform your design philosophy? 

A: I believe social media can give a good project developer keen insight on what a client truly wants, so I try to stick with the most current and relevant sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Houzz. Instagram lets me see the latest design trends while Houzz and Pinterest give me ample resources for market research. If I’m looking for a specific thing or need inspiration for a project, I scour social media to determine what’s hot and what’s not. 

Q: What’s your method for tracking trends in architecture and home design? 

A: Most of my trend tracking is done on social media in real-time. I like to follow a wide range of influential individuals, home renovation companies, TV shows, and designers from all over the world to stay ahead of the curve. However, I also like to tap into the marketplace to get my hands dirty. Seeing and hearing what actually works from real clients is always the best indicator. Plus, it allows me to consider the hidden truths behind all the fluff posted on social media. 

Q: What are the first questions new clients are asked when you meet? 

A: Since I believe each project should revolve around what the client really wants, I like to ask a series of questions when we sit down to discuss the details. There’s usually a checklist provided, so we go over that as well. It’s easy for me to design a blank space, but it’s a different ballgame when I’m fitting in specifics for a client’s unique taste and lifestyle. So, I really love hearing about which parts of their home they love versus which parts they hate, and why. This helps me attune to their desires to create design options that are better than they ever imagined. 

Q: How do you communicate with clients throughout the design process? 

A: I prefer to work directly with clients to keep them as involved in the design process as possible. Usually, I start with a simple email checklist to get an idea of the project’s scope and scale. This also provides a virtual connection for conversations about the details. I meet with clients in person quite a bit as well, plus I’m a big fan of using the phone, Zoom, and other methods to keep the lines of communication churning. My method involves walking step-by-step through a home remodeling job to unpack each phase piece-by-piece. And the best part is that I get to watch as my clients’ spaces transform right before their eyes.  

Kyle’s Favorite Cornerstone Remodeling Projects 

These are some of Kyle’s most memorable projects since starting with Cornerstone Remodeling: 

The Wiggs Theater Addition

“Working on an addition over an existing garage was a new frontier for me. Being limited by the size of the space yet tediously creating the best layout was an enjoyable challenge that taught me a lot about creative architecture.” 

The Stafford Front Porch 

“Although this was an extremely simple front porch facelift, the final project was by far one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Best of all, I know the client personally so I get to hear all about how much he and his family love it (and I get to sit on it sometimes too).” 

The Insignares Addition 

“This was a massive two-story master suite and living room addition, and it was all attached to the existing house and garage. Seeing everything come together from start to finish was amazing, and making our work match the style of the old house gave me new insights and resources I didn’t have before.” 

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