Cornerstone Profiles: Molly Grubor – Designer

Why did you choose a career in design?

Creativity definitely runs in my family– when I was little my Grammy taught me to paint, sew, and crochet. Since then, I have never shied from an art form. I have found that being a Designer allows me to be creative while also doing something else that is incredibly important to me- contributing to others happiness! Something as simple as updating or adding a bathroom to a home, or making a kitchen more functional for a family brings so much happiness to a family for years to come.  I feel super lucky to be able to be the creative cog in the wheel that makes that happen. 

What designers have had major influences in your career?

Faith Blakeney is a talented Designer & isn’t afraid to make a statement in the right space. She can be eclectic in the right moment without overdoing it. Faith doesn’t lean too far into trends, rather really listens to her clients. Something she said in an article once that really resonated with me was “My secret sauce in design is truly taking time to understand my clients and creating spaces that are an authentic expression of their highest selves.” This, I believe, should always be #1 for all of us Designers! Lauren Bradshaw is another favorite– with her use of neutrals & wood tones. 

What social media sites inform your design philosophy?

Instagram is a great source, as it is ever-changing & can give us access to content from the furthest reaches to help inspire our designs. 

How do you keep up on current design trends?

Actually I like to watch Real Estate shows! I think it’s super informative to hear potential buyer’s feedback on their likes and dislikes on aesthetic, layout, etc. And of course I follow along on social media for updates, too. 

What questions do you ask clients when you first meet?

I like to ask the client “What about the space is not working for you?” and “What are your dreams/goals for the space?”. I also like to ask what they really do NOT like, ie- a specific hardware finish color, to make sure that is not a material that I show in a rendering. I want to make sure that when I put together a design/rendering that the client can imagine themselves in the space, so I like to use materials that the client would choose for themselves. 

How do you communicate with clients throughout the design process and during their installations?

After an overall design of the space is established, we have several in-person meetings for selections (my favorite part!). Typically our first selection meeting is cabinet and countertops. From there, these selections influence the remainder of our selections: tile, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, etc. Once the project is underway, I am in constant communication with my clients via email and phone to answer any questions they may have. Additionally, we have scheduled walk-throughs that include the client, project manager, and myself to discuss finer design details such as hardware placement, tile layout, etc! 

What’s your favorite place to vacation?

TBD! My husband and I just bought a camper. So we’re excited to see & go many new places in our home on wheels!

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