Improve Your Holiday Entertaining

In 2021, research came out that said that 62 percent of Americans hadn’t celebrated the holidays with their loved ones in at least two years. With the pandemic, it has become more challenging to meet up and celebrate. 

However, with vaccinations and eased restrictions, it’s again possible to go home for the holidays. If you’re planning to host your family and friends for a holiday celebration, the right kitchen remodeling ideas can ensure your home’s ready for the festivities. 

Are you looking for kitchen remodeling in Ellicott City? Keep reading for kitchen upgrades that will give you the perfect space for entertaining. 

Create Seating That’s Not in the Way

When your guests come over, they’ll need places to sit. Gathering in the kitchen and dining room area allows you to monitor the meal, but your guests will need a place to sit. 

Stools or high chairs at an island or bar are an option. However, they can get in the way, and they won’t work for every guest you have over. Creating window seats offers a more comfortable place for your guests to sit and engage in the activity. 

Window seats also give you the ability to build extra storage where you can keep your holiday decorations after the season ends. 

Install a Bar and Butler’s Pantry

With this idea, you can get really creative. You can use the bar for food or drinks, and the pantry can display decorations or your good dishes. 

You can also add a small drink fridge under the bar if you plan to entertain with it frequently. If you use glass front cabinets or open shelves with your butler’s pantry, you can make the dishes your guests will be using easy to find and access. 

Get Festive With a Fireplace

The kitchen is the heart of the home. There’s nothing better on cold days than a toasty fire and a cup of tea. Designing your kitchen around a fireplace can make it the perfect space for entertaining. 

In your redesigned space, you can sip cocoa and roast marshmallows as you enjoy your kitchen upgrade

Install LED Lights and Bluetooth Speakers

Whether you’re rocking around the Christmas tree or baking cookies, music is an integral part of the holidays. Installing Bluetooth speakers in your kitchen can allow you to listen to your holiday favorites with your guests. 

LED lights are not only better for the environment, but you can change the color and dim them to set the holiday mood. LED lights also don’t emit the same heat as incandescent lights. 

When your kitchen is heating up from people and the oven, this will help keep the temperature manageable.

Kitchen Remodeling in Ellicott City

Are you ready for the holiday family time? Kitchen remodeling in Ellicott City can make sure you have the perfect space for entertaining. Consider seating, serving spaces, and features to make your kitchen festive. 

Let’s get started on your home and kitchen design. Contact Cornerstone Remodeling today and get a quote for kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling in Ellicott City. 

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