10 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Remodeling your master bathroom can take it from dated and drab to spa-like and serene, but can require a hefty budget. With some creativity and cost-conscious decisions, you can create a beautiful new master bath without breaking the bank. Follow these tips for a budget-friendly bathroom makeover.

Plan for an Effective Layout

Start by looking at how you currently use your bathroom and how you’d ideally like to use the space. Consider what works and what doesn’t to optimize the layout. If space allows, add dual sinks or opt for a double-wide vanity to allow two people to use the bathroom at once. Include a makeup vanity area with good lighting. Expand the shower if possible – larger showers with benches and niches for toiletries are on-trend. Don’t forget lots of storage like medicine cabinets, drawers, and built-in shelving.

Choose Materials Strategically

Focus your spending on visible areas and use budget materials in places like the floor underneath cabinets or in the shower. For surfaces like countertops, consider lower-cost options like quartz, cultured marble, or laminate which mimic the look of pricier natural stone. Use ceramic or porcelain tile instead of natural stone – it’s durable and affordable. Consider wood-look tile or luxury vinyl planks for the flooring.

Update Key Fixtures

Replacing outdated faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures provides big visual impact. Replace builder-grade showerheads with raindrop-style heads for a spa vibe. Swap dated faucets for widespread faucet configurations with modern silhouettes. Add small touches like a towel warmer and bidet for luxury on a budget.

Upgrade the Lighting

Good lighting transforms a space. Swap outdated fixtures for new ones with a clean, modern look. Add stylish sconces, attractive light bars, and beautiful pendants to elevate the space. Install dimmers so you can adjust brightness. Add recessed lighting around the vanity and in the shower. Accent with beautiful glass lamps or crystal wall sconces. Finish by adding candlelight-style LED bulbs in clear glass fixtures for spa-like ambiance. Enjoy a bright and gorgeous new space.

1. Timeless Simplicity

Opting for a simple, uncluttered look in your master bathroom remodel will give it an airy and relaxing vibe. A clean design with minimal ornamentation and neutral colors feels fresh, modern and tranquil. Avoiding clutter with ample storage and a streamlined layout also helps maintain that soothing spa-like ambiance.

Image by The Trend Spotter

2. Brass Mirrors and Faucets

Coordinating brushed gold fixtures and accessories paired with dual marble vanities, subway-tiled walls, and stained wood cabinetry creates a cohesive, elegant look in this stylish master bathroom remodel. Thoughtful choices allow this master bath renovation to embody an elegant spa aesthetic that looks luxurious but won’t break the bank.

Image by Bria Hammel Interiors

3. Modern Farmhouse Vibe

To achieve a modern farmhouse look in their master bathroom remodel, the homeowners selected inexpensive shiplap for the walls and black and white hexagon tile for the floors. They chose simple white subway wall tiles and painted the existing vanity white to keep costs down. Opting for black grout with the subway tiles provided bold contrast and enhanced the black and white color scheme. The touches of black and white tile, shiplap walls, and crisp white vanity and subway tiles worked together to create the rustic chic farmhouse aesthetic the homeowners desired for their new master bathroom retreat.

Image by Home Like You Mean It

4. Adding a Fireplace

This soothing gray and white master bathroom exudes a relaxing, spa-like vibe with its neutral color palette. Details like the tub placed near the electric fireplace creates a tranquil oasis perfect for relaxing. The varying tones of gray and white come together in this inviting master bath sanctuary.

Image by Homebunch

5. Double Vanity

For a modern-spa like feel, this double vanity was custom constructed using clear white oak and adorned with simple black hardware. Atop this beautiful vanity lays a gorgeous thick slab of Meridian Gray quartz and matte black faucets that complement the black hardware. The look is completed with extra tall custom mirrors and glitzy modern sconces from Shades of Light. The clear white oak vanity, quartz counters, black hardware and faucets create a serene and inviting spa aesthetic.

Image by Beautiful Chaos

6. Bathroom Chandelier

This bold three-tiered drum chandelier makes a dramatic style statement with its cascading rows of glass prisms. The tiered design provides ample illumination while the crystalline prisms add chic elegance. The contemporary drum shape fitted with delicate prismatic ornaments creates a striking blend of modern and glamorous.

Image by Designing Idea

7. Adding a Skylight

Allowing abundant natural light to flood in is key in this airy bathroom design. A sizeable skylight ushers daylight in, creating a bright and cheery space. The light color palette of soft greys and whites reflects the luminous sunlight, further enhancing the airy ambiance. Details like the textured wall tile and handmade floor tiles add personality without compromising the light and breezy vibe. This master bath feels sun-drenched, breezy and tranquil thanks to the thoughtful inclusion of ample natural light sources and ventilation.

Image by Sarah Yarrow Interiors

8. Heated Tile Flooring

Heated flooring transforms this bathroom into a truly indulgent retreat. Warm tiles underfoot provide decadent comfort, especially during colder months. The bathroom feels cozy yet elegant with the addition of heated floors. This luxurious feature helps create a spa-like environment, allowing tension and chill to simply melt away. Heated tile flooring delivers functional benefits as well – the floors dry faster after bathing. Installing an electric heating system under the tiles keeps the bathroom floor comfortably heated year-round.

Image by Schluter

9. Dark Colors

Embracing rich dark hues like black and brown can create a dramatically stylish statement in your bathroom design. Dark colors lend an air of cozy, intimate elegance perfect for a master bath retreat. Pairing deep espresso brown cabinets with black stone countertops and walls evokes a feeling of luxurious refinement.

Image by Energy in Human EU

10. A Unified Look

Selecting the same tile for both the floors and walls of your bathroom creates a seamless, expansive look. Using matching tile treatments minimizes visual division between surfaces, making the space appear larger. It also provides a clean, uniform aesthetic that feels sleek and upscale. The continuity of pattern and color between the floors and walls delivers a high-end spa-like environment.

Image by Geelong Tiles & Bathware

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