Open Concept Kitchen Living Room Floor Plans: A Style Guide

Home remodeling is a journey, an exciting adventure that transforms your living space into a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. One of the most popular trends in home remodeling today is the open-concept kitchen living room floor plan.

This design creates a spacious, airy feel, promotes social interaction, and enhances the flow of movement. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of open-concept kitchen living room floor plans, bathroom remodeling, and the overall process of home renovation.

Let’s begin our journey into understanding the significant impact of thoughtful design on home remodeling.

The Appeal of Open Concept Kitchen Living Room Floor Plans

Open concept kitchen living room floor plans have gained popularity due to their ability to create a sense of spaciousness and fluidity. This design eliminates walls that separate the kitchen, living room, and dining area, resulting in one large, open space. The open concept design promotes social interaction, as family members and guests are not confined to separate rooms. It also enhances the flow of movement, making it easier to navigate through the space.

The open concept design also allows for more natural light, creating a bright, welcoming atmosphere. It provides flexibility, allowing homeowners to easily rearrange furniture and change the layout to suit their needs. For more insights on open concept kitchen living room floor plans, you can visit Cornerstone House for comprehensive guidance on home remodeling.

an open floor kitchen remodel with blue cabinets and wood accents

Breconshire Road Kitchen Remodel

The undertaking began with a remarkable feat – envisioning and executing a comprehensive first-floor remodel, all while the clients resided across the country. The distance posed a logistical challenge, but through seamless communication and cutting-edge technology, the design team brought the clients’ dreams to life, ensuring their vision was translated faithfully.

Central to the project’s success was the daring decision to remove a load-bearing wall that once separated the kitchen and living room. This transformative action opened up a world of possibilities, setting the stage for a cohesive, spacious, and light-filled living space.

To maintain the structural integrity of the space, the kitchen island took on a dual role. The installation of sturdy columns on the island allowed it to shoulder the weight of the erstwhile load-bearing wall. Not only a feat of engineering, but these columns also added a touch of architectural elegance, blending seamlessly with the overall aesthetic.

Embracing a timeless color combination, the kitchen’s blue and white cabinets exuded a contemporary charm while preserving a classic essence. To further enhance the visual appeal, glistening brass fixtures were meticulously incorporated, adding a touch of sophistication to the culinary haven.

walter scott way kitchen remodel

Walter Scott Way Open Kitchen Remodel

In the Walter Scott Way kitchen transformation, we brought an entertainer’s dream to life. The original design presented an exterior wall with a series of windows that created an awkward flow between the deck and interior space. Our team undertook a complete reorientation of the kitchen, resulting in a stunning reimagining of the area.

A standout feature of the remodel is the custom range hood flanked by elegant windows on the exterior wall. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also allows for improved ventilation and natural light. Additionally, we incorporated a new and separate entrance to the deck, optimizing the traffic flow and creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

To elevate functionality and create a space that caters to hosting and entertaining, we introduced a substantial island and a new bar area. The bar boasts convenient amenities such as a drink rinser and a reverse osmosis faucet. Other notable elements include skylights, rustic ceiling beams, and a farmhouse sink, which collectively contribute to a distinctive transitional aesthetic for this custom kitchen.

The result is a truly exceptional kitchen that embodies both style and functionality, providing the perfect setting for entertaining guests and creating lasting memories.

The Falling Leaves Project

While adhering to the essence of the existing cabinets, small yet impactful modifications were introduced to create a harmonious balance of old and new. Among these changes, a stylish hood replaced its predecessor, bringing a contemporary element to the culinary domain. Additionally, one wall cabinet gracefully made way for open shelves, providing a captivating showcase for cherished kitchen essentials and personal touches.

A striking centerpiece emerged in the form of a new island, breathing new life into the kitchen’s core. Meticulously designed to complement the existing layout, the island served as a functional and aesthetic marvel, offering ample workspace while becoming a gathering point for family and friends.

Beyond the cabinetry, the project encompassed the installation of new countertops and backsplash, subtly elevating the entire space. The carefully chosen materials brought a touch of luxury and sophistication, adding depth and dimension to the kitchen’s visual tapestry.

Rolling Meadows First Floor Kitchen

One of the key elements that instantly catches the eye upon entering the kitchen is the stunning bright teal backsplash. This bold choice was made to complement the vibrant orange accents in the room, infusing the space with energy and personality. The use of color was strategic and deliberate, creating a sense of harmony and cohesiveness between the kitchen and the adjoining family rooms.

To further enhance the overall design, the cabinets were carefully selected in a combination of dark gray and white. This careful contrast adds depth to the kitchen, creating a visually appealing balance between the elements. The dark gray cabinets lend a sense of sophistication and modernity, while the white cabinets contribute to a feeling of openness and lightness.

The centerpiece of the kitchen is the large island, strategically placed to serve multiple purposes. Not only does it provide ample space for dinner preparation and cooking activities, but it also doubles as a convenient spot for family members to work on homework or engage in various activities. This thoughtful layout ensures that the entire family can be together in the same space, promoting a sense of togetherness and connectivity.


Open concept kitchen living room floor plans can truly transform your home. They create a spacious, social environment that’s perfect for entertaining or spending time with family. With careful planning and a bit of creativity, you can create a beautiful and functional space that you’ll love for years to come.

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