7 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Questions and Answers

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel this year, you’re not alone. Homeowners in Howard County and beyond come to us when they’re ready to refresh, revitalize, or totally revamp their aging, less stylish, and less functional bathrooms.

And, if you’re like most homeowners, you probably have a few questions about your bathroom renovation project. Below you’ll find a list of 7 essential questions and answers we commonly discuss with clients and prospects who’ve chosen to remodel their bathrooms.

  1. How will my bathroom remodel add value to my home? Here’s a little interesting data produced by Hanley Wood Media, Inc. that shows the typical value a bathroom remodel (and other remodeling projects) may bring to your home.
  2. What type of remodel will work best for my home and my family? Here’s a quick summary of the four common types of remodels that our clients choose.
  3. Can I get financing for my bathroom project? Yes! We offer a few different loan options based on your needs, from 0% short term loans to extended low interest loans.
  4. When is the best time to remodel my bathroom? All year long! And if you have more than one bathroom remodel happening, we stage the projects to make sure you always have an operational bathroom during the renovations.
  5. What are the phases of a bathroom remodeling project?
    – Initial Consultation (Check out our virtual estimator tool!)
    – Proposal and Design Contract
    – Selections! This is where you go shopping (online for now) with our designers to pick out all the fun stuff!
  6. How long will my bathroom renovation take? Typical small bathroom jobs can take 2-3 weeks or less; larger master baths usually take 4-6 weeks. Our sales team can share specific time frames with you when they estimate your project.
  7. Will a designer work with me on my bathroom remodeling project? Yes! Our designers assist clients with:
  • Coordinating Colors From paint colors to cabinet finishes, countertops, tiles, and flooring, we make sure that your selections blend beautifully to create a striking color palette that speaks to you.
  • Home Furnishings/Appliances/Lighting Whether you have a specific style in mind, or need guidance to find your own unique taste, we help bring it all together with furniture, lighting, and accessories.
  • Window Treatments Frequently overlooked, but often the element that completes your new space, we work with you to find the perfect window treatments for your home and your lifestyle.
  • Selection Management We know that with every renovation comes a multitude of decisions – we help keep the process running smoothly in order to ensure that the space you’re dreaming of becomes reality.


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