Our Process

We meet with hundreds of clients every year who have the common goal to transform their space. From small updates to large additions, the first question is always the same: “How do we get started?”. Our team of award-winning and highly skilled interior architects and designers are waiting to help make your dreams a reality, one simple step at a time.

Step One


Schedule a one-on-one complimentary video conference call with a Cornerstone design team member to discuss your overall goals for the project and what you are hoping to achieve. In this call, we’ll look to accomplish the following: 

  • Discuss your overall goals for the project and what you are hoping to achieve for your space. 


  • Define your project scope, what is easily achievable and what might warrant further exploration with different design options.


  • Learn about your style – what inspires you? How can we make your home feel more “you”? What finishes and design elements are you drawn to? 


  • Explore our vast portfolio of successfully completed projects to compare spaces of similar size to yours, and learn how much they actually cost to complete. 


  • Determine a realistic budget – we will give you our honest feedback on how much we think your project will cost by combining our knowledge of the construction industry and all of the parameters listed above.


  • Answer any questions you may have about our team, our processes, and our experiences! 

exploring options for your project

Our job isn’t to max out your budget. It’s to help create the greatest value we can within it. We explore what’s possible at every price point and meet you at your comfort level for your ideal renovation. 

Step TWO


We have determined we are a great mutual fit for each other, and it’s time to move forward! We will schedule a time to meet you in your home to further explore the following:

  • Take detailed and accurate measurements, lots of pictures, and plenty of notes regarding your “must haves” and “should haves”. 


  • Collect any needed information/documentation regarding property lines, set backs, and existing structural elements. 


  • We then take all of this back to the office and get to work! After being in your existing space, we will have an even better idea of how we can achieve your budget Comfort Zone. We provide 2D Space Planning ideas to help guide you in determining what is worth your investment. 


  • Once a Comfort Zone is finalized, we will move forward with a full Proposal that outlines exactly what you can expect to spend. Selection materials will be highlighted as Allowances, so there is still flexibility in final pricing – but by now we have a good grasp on your style and desires for the space, so your Proposal pricing will reflect that! 
Step Three


Our dedicated designer will work closely with you to fine tune important details and really hone in on final layout tweaks and material selections. In this phase, you will finalize everything needed to bring your vision to life.

  • A diagnostic in-home trip where we will cut holes and scope-out  anything (if necessary) to ensure that your dream design will to come to life with no hiccups.
  • An in-depth design meeting to make any additional layout tweaks that you would like to explore.
  • A Cornerstone Design Center meeting with your dedicated cabinet designer to select cabinet style/finish, and finalize cabinet layout (accessory placement, molding options, custom modifications).
  • Multiple 3D renderings and elevations of your space, with your chosen fixed materials. 
  • A showroom meeting to select countertop material and tile material for final pricing. 
  • A virtual selection of any additional Allowance items that you would like to finalize such as: flooring, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, hardware, paint color, accessories, etc.
  • A mood board presentation of all selection items together so that you can visualize how it all works together. 


  • An updated No-Surprises proposal including all selected materials as part of the total build-contract price.


3D Design

Finished Product

Step Four


Materials have been ordered, lead times tracked, and you have secured a spot on our schedule. Now the real fun begins! Our expert craftsmen will work hand-in-hand with our design team to ensure that your dream vision comes to life. Your dedicated Project Manager is your guide to all things involving schedule and construction site management, and our team will meet with you at multiple junctures of your project to track progress and confirm any remaining details.

  • Meet your Project Manager – who is your guide on all things involving schedule and construction site management. 


  • Get set up in our Construction Management software for ease of communication, budget tracking, and schedule updating. 


  • Closely communicate with your Project Manager and Design team at multiple milestones during your project to track progress, confirm important details,  and finalize any possible changes/decisions yet to be made. 


  • Sit back, relax, and watch as our construction team takes your plans on paper and makes them a reality! 
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