Basement Remodeling: Going Underground to Create More Space

Even if your basement has cold concrete flooring and is crammed with boxes of off-season duds, your lowest floor might have loads of potential. Treat it as you would any other room above ground, and it may just become one of the most popular spots in the house.

To start, here are a few interesting stats about basements and their remodels:

  • 68% of American homes have basements (according to the National Association of Home Builders)
  • 70% ROI (return on investment) is the national average for basement renovations (according to the 2017 Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report)
  • 81% of homeowners say they enjoy their home more and have a greater desire to spend time there after completion of their basement remodeling project (according to the National Association of Realtors)

In recent years, many Maryland families have been seeking greater space in their homes and, during the last few weeks/months of the COVID-19 lockdown (which is ongoing during the time of this writing), the “space race” has become pressing as homeowners spend their days and nights with their children, pets, and (sometimes) extended family members.

If you’re feeling the squeeze and want more expansive and comfortable living areas, consider adding belowground spaces such as:

  • Office spaces
  • Bar/entertaining spaces
  • Children’s playrooms
  • Art studios
  • Bedrooms
  • Craft rooms
  • Media rooms
  • Music rooms

Recently, one homeowner in the US even created a mini roller skating rink in her basement, complete with colorful lights and a disco ball! Other homeowners are building entirely separate living areas for older children or in-laws in their basements. Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) add practical space that may dramatically increase a home’s value.

These and other types of basement renovations bring a sense of fun and true functionality to your below ground floor without increasing your home’s existing footprint; according to the statistics above, homeowners who’ve chosen to remodel their basement enjoy benefits in large proportions.

It’s also important to mention that every basement – renovated or not – should be evaluated for moisture and flooding, structural concerns, and radon. Cornerstone Remodeling’s collaborative of local experts can assist homeowners with guidance and advice in these areas (contact us for a list of professionals in your area).

If you’re ready to harness your basement space and transform it into the rooms you need, contact us to explore the range ways it can become an integral part of your home.


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