Enhancing Cornerstone Client Experiences

A message to clients and prospective clients:

To say 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us might be a bit of an understatement. Yet, our enduring faith and continued connections with you have provided the support and energy so necessary to persevere and improve during these changing times.

To enhance your experiences, a few new/expanded tools and services were recently added. And, a handful of additional tools and services are in progress as we speak (or, rather, write).

Recently added tools and services include:

Remote Quote allows you to receive a full virtual estimate after providing your initial project data and uploading photos to our design team. Clients tell us they enjoy the flexibility, simplicity, and limited physical exposure provided by this new system. The streamlined steps for Remote Quote are:

  1. Snap your photos
  2. Take your room measurements
  3. Hit the submit button
  4. Receive your proposal

To begin your virtual estimate, click here

P.S. We still happily offer traditional estimates, too. Click here to reach out about meeting in person to discuss your next project.

3D Design and AI Technologies are now being used for Cornerstone client and prospective client designs. We are committed to using progressive techniques and tools that dramatically improve your experiences with project drawings and models. 

Pulling the trigger on a remodeling project is hard enough, and you shouldn’t do it blindly. We want you to see what you’re buying through the use of cutting-edge technologies that make your project ideas and the designer’s interpretations crystal clear.

The design process includes:

  • 3D design images for every proposal. Click here to see a sample of images.
  • 3D models for unhurried home use, following contract signing. With these models, you may fully explore the scale of your renovation – especially if it’s a full first floor remodel or a basement.
  • 3D panoramic and in-home AI tools that allow you see a post-renovation rendition of your project (think virtual reality without the VR headset). With our AI tool, you may hold an iPad at eye level and walk through your unfinished basement, for example, to see how the walls would look. By detecting your movement, it permits you to walk through the entire design virtually. When you see this tool in action, we hope you’re as excited as we are about it!

Financing can open doors if you’re hesitant about remodeling during uncertain economic times. As you and your family consider a basementbathroom, or kitchen renovation, talk to us about financing options available through Cornerstone!

The process is straightforward: during our first scheduled meeting or phone call, we’ll inquire about your potential financing needs and also encourage you to share your requirements. Pre-qualification can be gained early in the process, so it’s best to apply sooner rather than later.

Following pre-qualification and contract signing, you’ll have access to a range of budget-friendly financing plans – from deferred interest loans to affordable payment options – offered by third-party lending institutions.

If you’re considering financing your remodeling project, please review this short list of FAQs here.

Cornerstone Interiors allows you to continue working with a trusted team of designers who creatively apply colors, patterns, textures, and other elements to your recent remodeling project or other rooms in your home. Clients come to us for interior design assistance with:

  • Coordinating colors
  • Home furnishing choices
  • Window treatments
  • Complete selection management


Cornerstone Interiors, the heartbeat of Cornerstone Remodeling, continues to maintain a focused, full-time, in-house design team for your complete interior design needs. To learn more, click here.

Other tools and services include:

  • Improved back-end systems to support efficient project management
  • Improved tracking to provide a deeper understanding of client needs and market trends

Future services include:

  • A new exteriors division designed to complement and expand our current home remodeling offerings
  • A new program, called the “7-day Bathroom Program” designed exclusively for small bathroom renovations, which makes standard hall bathrooms more affordable, and offers faster turnarounds to improve project feasibility.


Stayed tuned for updates on future services and be sure to check the recently added services on the site. We also welcome your comments and suggestions for additional services that we may offer.

As always, we remain humbled and grateful for your trust and confidence. Clients and prospective clients make our efforts fun and fruitful; we look forward to collaborating on future projects with you and your referrals. Contact us today to say hello!

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