Are you looking for a quick design refresh or a complete kitchen facelift? Either way, you’ll need an idea of how much it will cost. But the price of a small kitchen remodel can vary depending on several factors. And one of those factors is you. 

According to Forbes, the average small kitchen costs anywhere from $9,000 to nearly $15,000 to remodel. However, this is where your choices matter most. Higher-quality materials and professional designs can increase costs and prolong the project. 

Still, space is at a premium in a tiny kitchen so most homeowners want to make their budgets stretch. Talented and efficient design teams are also essential here. Experts can help you capitalize on every nook and cranny while keeping costs affordable. 

Costs Associated with Remodeling a Small Kitchen 

The average small kitchen remodel may take about thirty grand from your bank account but every dollar counts. Between materials, labor, and unexpected issues, there is a reason for the price you pay. Meanwhile, the industry average for home remodeling work is about $200-$300 per square foot. 

High-end remodeling jobs for kitchens usually cost more per square foot. Thus, the total average price of a luxury small kitchen is more like $50,000 to $70,000. Poor quality work can cost less than $2,000 in some cases, but the money saved on labor and materials is often spent later on repairs. 

Costs associated with any remodel can vary, even after you receive an estimate. That’s because contractors can’t see certain aspects of your space until the demolition is complete. At that stage, you can usually renegotiate some details to keep the project within its parameters. 

What’s the Most Expensive Part of Remodeling a Kitchen?

Be forewarned. The costliest aspects of a small kitchen renovation are usually the cabinets, floors, and walls. Those areas generally require special attention, especially if there’s demolition involved. Also, cabinetry can be customized to fit your space and décor. And that definitely costs extra. 

You can always shift ideas around or play with different design concepts to consider opposing price points. That may mean splurging in certain areas while cutting back in others. A 10×10 space, for example, requires only 100 square feet of flooring. However, flooring that cost $1 per square foot will ring up cheaper than flooring that costs $3 per square foot or more. 

How to Calculate Kitchen Remodel Costs 

Calculating kitchen remodeling costs can be tricky because of all the variables. But you can get a rough estimate if you follow these five simple steps: 

  1. Know the Square Footage. Find out how big your space is from wall to wall. 
  2. Create Your Kitchen Design. Decide your ideal small kitchen layout.
  3. Determine Your Materials. Figure out whether you want low-end or high-end stuff. 
  4. Consider the Labor. Repair and installation costs depend on the contractor’s talent. 
  5. Get a Price Quote. Submit your information to get a ballpark estimate in minutes. 

Not sure how to design a tiny kitchen? The Cornerstone Design Team can help you drum up feasible concepts at a price that suits your budget. 

Understand the Kitchen Remodeling Process

It can be difficult to understand the process of remodeling a kitchen no matter how big or small it is. But remember, you don’t have to just wing it. Our conscientious crew can harness remodeling trends using the best talent in Maryland. 

So, don’t worry if you’re not good at math. Cornerstone Remodeling offers both in-person and remote quotes to help you determine the scope and scale. Contact our team today