Estimating the Cost of a Small Kitchen Remodel

It’s no secret that it’s been a challenging time in the world; however, Cornerstone clients have recently experienced several positive changes, including the use of CoConstruct software.

Back in the day, Cornerstone created estimates using spreadsheets and communicated solely via phones and email (old school) with homeowners and staff. But today, we collaborate and communicate with clients and team members (in tandem with phone calls and emails) using tailored web-based software, built specifically for the construction/remodeling industry.

Specifically, CoConstruct software helps our clients:

  • Receive rapid, carefully constructed estimates and proposals > Gone are the days of creating hand-typed “one off” estimates and proposals. Using custom templates and automated components, the Cornerstone team prepares estimates and proposals that are accurate, clear, consistent, and timely. Following preparation, estimates are either converted to PDF files and emailed to clients or sent directly through CoConstruct. These pandemic-friendly methods help clients easily review and respond. (Fun fact: for many prospective renovation projects, clients may also interact on a completely remote basis using our Remote Quote system).
  • Approve proposals and change orders; make selections; and track budgets > When proposals and construction agreements are sent through CoConstruct, clients easily approve them and refer back whenever the need arises. Once a client construction agreement is signed, the selection process begins through CoConstruct, along with in-person meetings at the Cornerstone office and material showrooms. Also, as noted below, homeowners can view and approve change orders as their jobs progress. Finally, clients can track their project budget throughout the job. For example, a kitchen remodel may entail 20+ selections; if a homeowner chooses a high-end backsplash, they may choose a more modestly priced floor to balance and protect their budget. An additional part of budget tracking includes notifications on credits/averages on client allowances. CoConstruct helps clients and Cornerstone track and store all changes on jobs, which can be easily viewed and filtered at any time.
  • Stay abreast of project progress > Homeowners shouldn’t be the last people to know what’s happening on their home renovation project. They need and deserve to be informed of the changes unfolding in their homes – even if they’ve been working from home in the next room for the whole project. Project updates, input daily by the Cornerstone production staff, allow families to see and review the progress whenever they’d like. As noted above, clients may see and approve all change orders within the software.

As with all software, CoConstruct has its limitations, yet, serves clients and staff needs quite well. It’s become a welcomed bridge between for collaboration, communication, and tracking in the Cornerstone world of remodeling.

If you have two minutes to spare, take a look at the short video below, which details much of what we’ve discussed above. Enjoy!

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