Cornerstone Remodeling was voted Baltimore’s Best Home Remodeling Firm in 2021. But much of that success is owed to Lauren Weber and Hannah Fish – the resident ambassadors of great taste. So, let’s get to know them a little better.

Who They Are
The Cornerstone Design Team has years of combined experience. With Bachelor of Science degrees in Interior Design, Lauren Weber and Hannah Fish complement each other’s work while offering two unique perspectives. Together, they set the bar higher for luxury home remodeling in Maryland. 

Their collaborative passions have put them in high demand. They have helped countless homeowners visualize the potential of their property. And one redesigned house at a time, they’re making Central Maryland more beautiful. 

Like a well-oiled machine, the Cornerstone Designers can work independently or as a streamlined unit. Their distinct styles harmonize to provide balance for complex floor plans. They admit that their approaches constantly evolve to assimilate new techniques and trends. So, both experts hesitate to define themselves too specifically. 

According to Hannah, “The best thing about working together is that we can lean on each other.” And Lauren agrees. She says, “We offer each other second opinions and often collaborate behind the scenes.” But while their styles and approaches differ, they have three crucial aesthetics in common: fresh, functional, and timeless.

What They Do
The Cornerstone Remodeling Designers transform spaces with customized layouts and tailored elements. “Our goal is to make each area feel perfect to the individual,” says the dynamic duo. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is second only to their impeccable taste. And based on client reviews, Weber and Fish have yet to disappoint. 

As part of the primary crew, they remain involved throughout the entire process. From the initial appointment to the final check, the Cornerstone Design Team prioritizes excellence. With their input, clients can modify layouts, explore materials, and expect a home they will love for years to come. “It’s your home, but it’s our job to help you make the most of it,” says Hannah.

The pioneering design squad aims to ensure cohesiveness using expert insights, practical adaptations, and cost-cutting suggestions. However, Weber and Fish say they often become friends with the homeowners because they collaborate with them closely. “It’s pretty common for us to talk to our clients daily during a design/build,” says the pair. 

How They Do It
Remodeling homes with Cornerstone means taking advantage of an efficient, tailored process. That’s because the CR Designers let clients choose between a hands-on or hands-off approach. Dive in or step back as Weber and Fish demonstrate why they’re Baltimore’s Best. Then marvel at the fashionable yet functional space they create. 

The first step begins with a remote quote or an in-person consultation. Lauren and Hannah present their exclusive design portfolios for consideration, then collect crucial information about the client’s vision. They conduct a comprehensive interview to determine wants, needs, styles, and budgets before the real work begins.  

We do everything from designing cabinet layouts to choosing plumbing and electrical fixtures,” said Weber and Fish. Thus, the twosome covers every nook and cranny to leave no qualms for the client. “We order everything required to start the project, and we’re happy to adapt if the homeowner changes their mind.” 

The Cornerstone Design Teams empathizes with clients who struggle to communicate their ideas. So, homeowners can collaborate with the Field Crew to see 3D renderings, elevations, and other details before starting. CR Designers help both sides understand the scope and scale of each project while evolving various aspects to suit the objectives. 

Our teammates are awesome,” said the pair. “They help us ensure that every decision is the right one for the client and their space.” Cornerstone Remodeling delivers interactive, intuitive, and ingenious outcomes with compassionate cooperation and seasoned expertise. So, how can they help make your home sweet? 

Where To Start
Say hello to Lauren Weber or Hannah Fish, and begin designing your dream home today. You can sit down for a face-to-face consultation or get a remote quote online. The Cornerstone Design Team will explore the possibilities, crunch the numbers, and offer practical solutions for your layout. Ask for a 3D rendition of the space and see if you qualify for financing.

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