Help! Which Room Should I Turn Into an Open Concept?

Real estate trends reveal that most home buyers want an open floor plan. But open layouts aren’t ideal for every structure. Plus, fewer walls mean less privacy in many cases. So, which rooms are best for an open concept? It depends. 

The best rooms for an open floor plan are the ones you use most often. Ideal spaces include living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and basements. However, there are pros and cons to each one. And that means you’ll have to weigh the options before falling in love with a design. 

Which Rooms Are Best for an Open Concept? 

The rooms in your home serve a purpose. Some are for privacy and personal use. But others are meant to be shared with family and friends. And those are the spaces that work best with an open floor plan. 

Unfortunately, deciding which room is best for an open concept is much more complex than simply choosing a space. First, you have to know enough about structural engineering to determine if remodeling is feasible. Then, you have to develop a design that incorporates all your favorite elements while improving the flow of your home

Any home remodel can be tricky. But changing the layout of your structure requires an expert touch. So, here’s a look at each room. Consider the pros and cons, then contact Cornerstone specialists for a tailored play-by-play. 

Living Room 

Your living room is a place for gathering with the ones you love. It’s supposed to be cozy and secluded while still close to other essential spaces. That means your living room is a prime candidate for an open and airy design. 

However, your primary living space might feature structural components that make an open concept impossible. Factors such as support walls and vital beams may complicate construction or increase the price for a remodel. Meanwhile, expert remodelers can help you determine the parameters. 

TIP: You can make a partially open floor plan to accommodate challenging architecture. 

Dining Room 

Breaking bread with the ones you love is part of making your house a home. But inviting people over for dinner can be difficult when your dining room is too small. So, many homeowners focus on this space when considering an open layout. 

Free-flowing dining rooms allow loved ones to move around while you entertain them. And you can also use larger pieces of furniture or display striking art without cramping the space. However, the same rule applies here regarding support walls and beams. So, make sure you talk to a contractor first.

TIP: You can create an open dining room that either includes or excludes food preparation zones. 


Your kitchen is the heart of your home, quite literally. In many cases, modern houses feature kitchens in the center of the structure. That clever arrangement connects the space with other rooms, but it does little to increase the home’s flow. 

On the contrary, open concept kitchens can help you merge rooms into the most sensible layout. Choose a kitchen-dining room combo or switch it up to connect your living room instead. You can even combine all three spaces for extra grandeur, greater height, and more dimension.

TIP: Use clever cabinetry and lighting to create false barriers between different spaces. 


Basements don’t always get the attention they deserve. But a basement remodel is a quick and affordable way to gain square footage in your home. In addition, you can transform subterranean spaces into just about anything – from game rooms to guest rooms to apartments. 

The trick is trying to decide how you want to split up the area. That’s because basements are one of the easiest rooms to design and renovate. They’re usually blank to start, with fewer barriers than first-level spaces. However, you can’t escape support walls and beams that easily. They matter here as well. 

TIP: Consider aligning your basement layout with the upstairs to make plumbing and electrical easier. 


Bedrooms are the least popular option for open concept designs. After all, your boudoir is all about privacy and personalization. So, you probably don’t want the space opened up to the rest of your house. However, it’s still a possibility if you stray from the norm. 

The same issues arise here – support, structure, security, etc. However, you also lose a load of personal space when you choose an open layout in bedrooms. So, play with a few ideas first. Or consider combining your bedroom with an on-suite bathroom instead of connecting it to the rest of your house. 

TIP: Get inspired on your bedroom remodel by incorporating lofts, built-ins, and vaulted ceilings. 

You can create the ambience of an open layout in any room with creative contracting. Besides, you might even be able to pull it off without committing to a full remodel. But don’t decide or dismiss anything yet. You still haven’t talked to the pros at Cornerstone.

Choosing a Floor Plan Is Tough. Cornerstone Can Help. 

Even after you’ve chosen the perfect space for an open concept, you still have several things to do. But making all those moves on your own can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s smart to head up major remodeling projects after seeking professional services. Plus, a fast and accurate quote never hurt anybody. 

FACT: Cornerstone Remodeling was voted Baltimore’s Best of 2021, and much of that recognition came from our work as conceptual designers.

We’ve helped transform countless Maryland homes into an open concept oasis using little more than our skills and our client’s specifications. Now, we’re ready to pimp your house next. 

Choosing the right floor plan can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know where to begin. But Cornerstone Remodeling wrote the book. We take your ideas and integrate them into your existing layout to design a more cohesive home. Then, we sprinkle in some style to guarantee you’ll love the space for many years to come. 

Open Opportunities for a Beautiful Home  

Ready to make your space great again? So are we. Reach out to someone on the Cornerstone Remodeling team to get started right away. We’ll walk you through the process so you can make educated decisions about your floor plan. Afterward, we’ll develop a strategy to complete the work around your schedule. 

Stop by today for a free quote and to have a glimpse at our project portfolio. Find out why Baltimore voted Cornerstone Remodeling number one in the state for superb building and design services. And don’t forget to contact our crew for more information. Remember, financing is available to those who qualify. 

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