Lauren Weber named General Manager

Cornerstone Remodeling announced a strategic move to enhance its services and expand operations. A.J. Ballantine, Cornerstone’s founder, is focusing on his role as founder and strategic partner, and in turn stepping away from his general manager duties.  His plan includes handing the torch to Lauren Weber, the company’s current Home Design Lead. 

Lauren will become the organization’s first female GM, with expertise that helped make Cornerstone Baltimore’s Best Home Remodeling Firm in 2021. That expertise, A.J. says, is “why this makes so much sense.” Cornerstone has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and Lauren’s vision is to shift the company’s focus back to its roots. “Cornerstone saw early and continued success cultivating a design-led remodeling company, with a huge emphasis on making the entire remodeling process less stressful–and by default, more fun,” Lauren said. “It’s what makes me love working here, and it’s what clients love about working with us.” 

An Enhanced Partnership with Continued Focus on Customer Satisfaction 

Today’s announcement builds on Lauren’s ’s reputation as one of the industry’s most talented home designers. It solidifies the relationship between Lauren and the company she’s been a part of for years. The Cornerstone crew is excited to receive her experienced guidance, and the local community couldn’t agree more.  

The new GM brings a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design plus nearly a decade of work alongside every department at Cornerstone Remodeling. “I orchestrate collaboration behind the scenes to help our teams create the homeowner’s vision while promoting the fun and supportive work environment that is so important to us,” she says. Her new position sets the bar even higher for luxury home remodelers in Maryland who lack strong female leadership. 

Lauren provides a fresh, functional, and timeless perspective to a primarily male-dominated industry. A.J. Ballantine, when asked about the decision to put Lauren at the helm, said, “Lauren has been an invaluable influence within the business for several years. We are simply making her significance to Cornerstone’s success public.” 

Always looking ahead 

Under Lauren’s leadership, Cornerstone Remodeling will be laser focused on its mission to raise the bar industry-wide and to prioritize the right things. “We want to be a business that prioritizes life at home. For our employees and for our customers.” 

About Cornerstone 

Cornerstone Remodeling is an award-winning kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling company located in Ellicott City, Maryland. The crew strives to differentiate by offering outstanding services with exceptional customer care. Cornerstone’s  business model includes promoting a friendly and peaceful environment in and out of the office. Sign up for an in-person or remote project quote to discover how our process can make your next remodel a success. 

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