5 Clever Ways to Design a Basement as Your New Favorite Space

Why Are Finished Basements Essential? 

The finished basement is an essential space in any home. It provides countless amenities and can increase the value of your property. Basements are also great for safety, especially if you live in an area with terrible weather. So, while underground bunkers are practical, they’re not quite as cozy as a tailored cellar. 

Large, unused spaces beneath your house can make entertaining a breeze. You and your guests can enjoy an extra layer of privacy while letting loose or relaxing. Plus, basements give your home an instant square footage boost – all while providing more room for storage. 

If you don’t have a basement yet, get one soon. And if you have one already, make sure you’re taking full advantage of the space. Remember, you don’t have to leave your basement the way you found it. A professional basement remodel could be more affordable than you think.  

Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Basement  

You paid for the entire house. And you work hard to make it look good and function efficiently. Every square inch of this home is yours to do what you wish. So, don’t ignore the basement because you’re too focused on other rooms. Hire a design-build specialist to help you streamline the layout instead.

Basement design experts can give you ideas and inspiration when you have none. They can also tell you when your concepts are impossible. So, let these five suggestions motivate you to make the most of your spare space. Then, run those thoughts past an expert before you get started.  

#1. Get Your Game On 

Your family thrives on quality time. But cramped and uncomfortable living spaces can make gathering impossible. Meanwhile, your fully finished basement could serve as a game room for active friends and family. Make the most of your basement when you turn it into a fun underground hideaway that’s easy to maintain. 

TIP: Choose an open concept floor plan to promote togetherness in large groups. 

#2. Work Out a Home Gym 

Stay healthy and avoid all of those expensive membership fees. Build a home gym into your basement instead. You can create designated workout areas, recovery zones, and private spots for teaching or learning new techniques. Plus, exercising can help you live longer. And that means more time for enjoying the home you built. 

TIP: Craft a basement with room for snacks and refreshments to keep foot traffic local. 

#3. Plan a Playful Party Pad 

Protect the rest of your property while you party. Hire professionals to turn your basement into a banging banquet hall. Finally stop waking the neighbors every time you invite loved ones to visit. And create a separate entry/exit to help guests come and go as they please. Then combine practical elements of different spaces for timeless appeal. 

TIP: Divide the space into sections to create conversation pockets during celebrations. 

#4. Create Your Craft

Make your basement earn its keep. Use the extra space for a home office, homework oasis, or art studio. Creating, experimenting, and learning can be messy. And it’s difficult to “get in the zone” when you can’t find solitude. But basement workshops help you try new things without ruining expensive architecture.  

TIP: Choose economical flooring for spaces where you work the hardest. 

#5. Expand the Family 

The more, the merrier in most cases except for small spaces. When you expand downstairs, you also expand your family’s legroom for growth. More rooms can mean more children, grandchildren, guests, and get-togethers. Like they say in Stepbrothers, “There’s so much room for activities.” Plus, you no longer have to do karate in the garage. 

TIP: Ask your family what they want in a basement before the remodel begins

A fully finished custom basement gives each member of your family something they can use. And making the most of your underground oasis shows how savvy you really are.  So, dare to dream of the possibilities. Then work with the pros at Cornerstone to put beauty in the details. 

Pro Tips for Transforming Your Basement Today 

Expanding underground is usually a good idea. But still, ask an expert for more information about your property limitations. Keep in mind that some areas might not allow basements or bunkers because of the soil or water table. And here are a few more things you should know before breaking ground: 

  • Get a Quote: You don’t have to guess how much your dream basement costs. Cornerstone Remodeling uses sophisticated technology to provide clients with accurate project estimates
  • Consider Multiple Options: Your home design team might develop several ideas for your approval. Take your time to choose the best one. 
  • Make Room for Mishaps: Contractors and interior designers don’t know what they’re dealing with until they break ground. So, expect the unexpected. 
  • Build a Budget: Cornerstone Remodeling teams help you determine material allowances. That way, you can stay on top of the nitty-gritty details of each project. 
  • Communication Is Key: Your team dedicates time and energy to the most optimal outcome. But they won’t know what that is unless you tell them. 
  • No Rush Needed: Create a schedule but keep it flexible. And remember that all good things come to those who hire our experts. 
  • Go One Step at a Time: Start with a small section if you lack the time or money for a full basement remodel. No rule says you have to do it all at once. 

This new basement should have your name written all over it. But it can’t express your personality or support your lifestyle if you never consider the possibilities. So, think about your needs and your family’s requests. Then, start construction sooner rather than later.  

NOTE: The average basement remodeling project can take several weeks to complete. 

Let Cornerstone Make the Most of Your Basement 

There are several steps between you and the basement of your dreams. But following the path can be a challenge when you’re not a Cornerstone Remodeling pro. We know how to turn verbal concepts into tangible spaces with function and flair. Plus, we can do it better than anyone in Baltimore, and we have the credentials to prove it

Reach out to someone on our award-winning team for more information on how to get started. We’ll walk you through the process from start to finish. Then, we’ll feature your finished basement on our website for the world to see (unless you say otherwise). 

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