5 Steps to Creating Your Home Remodel Master Plan + Pro Tips

Create a home remodel master plan with your name all over it. Develop layouts and choose interior designs that suit your style. Then establish a budget with affordable financing options and convenient terms. 

The master plan for your home remodeling project should cover questions and concerns upfront. It should also contain insights and assistance from an award-winning team. This article will explore the five essential steps and reveal some tips from the pros.  

What Does a Home Remodel Master Plan Involve? 

Home remodel master plans can consist of countless details and complex schedules. Some might even include alternatives for designs, layouts, and materials. Transforming your property from a dud to a stud is challenging labor, requiring help from design/build specialists. Most contractors use a multi-step system to keep things organized and efficient. 

Each project requires a different approach, but the average home renovation follows this basic structure: 

  1. Introduction – Sit down to discuss your ideas with an expert home design team. 
  2. Exploration – Consider the many remodeling options available for your space. 
  3. Appraisal – Get a remote quote or in-person estimate on your remodeling costs. 
  4. Scheduling – Determine the perfect time to begin your project. 
  5. Procurement – Help our talented teams gather resources for your dream home. 

The final step is the work phase involving demolition and restoration. Some homeowners include this phase in their remodeling master plans to manage alternative accommodations and project delays. Efficient and transparent contractors can help you estimate schedules while eliminating unnecessary stress. 

Most home remodeling companies let the homeowner take the lead on timing, pricing, and outcomes. You should know what your dream home will look like and how much you want to spend. Then communicate those needs with your contractor to develop a practical strategy. 

DID YOU KNOW: Cornerstone Remodeling can create 3D renderings of various designs to help you decide. 

5 Steps to Creating Your Master Plan 

Experts say the home renovation industry will continually expand as our population increases. Meanwhile, older homes require rehabilitation and modern upgrades regardless of the numbers. The best home remodeling firms in Maryland are generally busy with projects year-round. Even if you’re 100% ready to go, they might not be. 

You compete with the entire community for a spot on your favorite contractor’s schedule. The more appealing their work, the less likely they will be able to take late assignments. It’s all about the law of supply and demand, with home remodeling projects a considerable priority requiring significant preparation. 

Be mindful and efficient by planning ahead. Remember, you probably can’t begin work in the same month as you decide it’s time. If you want to give your home a makeover in time for the holidays, you should start planning over the Summer..  

Talk to your design team for specific instructions and tips for homeowners. Then follow these five simple steps to create your master plan: 

Step One: Determine Your Design

Choose from various interior design elements to change what you don’t like about your home. Work with interior decorators and expert home designers to determine which features to renovate or keep. Then choose your favorite colors, fabrics, and building materials as a starting point. 

PRO TIP: Consider your lifestyle and location when choosing a floor plan. 

Step Two: Calculate the Budget 

This step involves adding all the different amenities and materials for home remodeling. First, you must calculate how much you can spend on a project. Then you should discuss the budget, determine material allowances, and discuss your financing options to get the ball rolling faster.

PRO TIP: Take advantage of economic conditions to boost property value before buying or selling. 

Step Three: Consult Your Design Team 

Set up a virtual or in-person meeting with your design team once you know the project direction and limitations. Design/Build firms can show you what’s possible and introduce you to concepts you might not have considered. They can also help you make the most of your time and money. 

PRO TIP: Find out if different designs cost different prices and how you can cut costs. 

Step Four: Get a 3D Rendering 

Put together all of your ideas and see them in a three-dimensional illustration. This gives you a realistic view of your future home instead of only a 2D picture. It also helps you make last-minute changes to materials, colors, arrangements, or floor plans without slowing the schedule. 

PRO TIP: Don’t finalize the design until you’re sure about the features and elements. 

Step Five: Determine the Timeline 

Ask your team about estimated start times, project durations, and potential delays. Find out if there are any steps you can take to expedite the process or make work easier for your crew. Then keep your schedule open enough to accommodate unexpected issues and setbacks. 

PRO TIP: Start planning your project early to secure the best time slot. 

Start Your Remodeling Master Plan with Affordable Financing 

You can’t manifest your master plan without the capital to pay for it. However, managing remodeling costs can feel intimidating. Fortunately, Cornerstone Remodeling offers flexible financing programs to help homeowners foot the bill. 

Choose a finance option that aligns with your master plan to ensure maximum efficiency and punctuality. Ask your design/build team for more information. Then lock in your special rates before the economy shifts. 


Contact Cornerstone Remodeling to develop a master plan you can afford. We’ll help you evaluate different design options, build a budget, and create a strategy that makes the most of your home. 

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