8 Creative Ways to Expand Your Living Space and Make the Most of Your Home

Expand your living space because the size of your home matters. Make the most of it with creative or unusual floor plan changes. And work with a team of Cornerstone Remodeling gurus to get the job done right. 

Home expansions can be tedious and time-consuming. However, you get more living space and room for storage when you consider creative layouts. Plus, you can add unique room features or interior design elements to increase the value of your home. 

But before you get started, be sure to cover the following bases first: 

  1. Talk to your home building team to determine the possibilities. 
  2. Research local building codes and zoning ordinances. 
  3. Show your blueprints to the county assessor. 

Full-service home remodeling companies can complete some of those steps for you. Meanwhile, homeowners can choose the addition and pay close attention to the details. So, consider your family’s needs, and don’t forget to fulfill their wish lists. 

Why Add Square Footage? 

Your loved ones are unique. And everyone in the house wants different things. So, you may have several reasons to add square footage to your home. Plus, you must stick to the budget and make the most of your investment. But where do you start? 

Begin by defining your goals for the property. Determine why you want to expand the living space and reflect on your lifestyle. Then, see if any of these reasons pertain to you: 

  • You’re having a baby. 
  • There’s no room for recreation. 
  • You need a spot for hobbies. 
  • The storage is lacking. 
  • You want to display a collection. 
  • Guests require more space for events. 
  • You’re starting a business.
  • The house needs more privacy. 
  • Your children are getting bigger. 
  • Relatives are joining the household. 
  • You want to boost the property value.   

Even if none of those reasons describe you, enlarging your home is still a wise idea. More space means more room to experiment and grow. Besides, you don’t have to build out when you can build up or down instead. And creating a larger house benefits your family in several unspoken ways. 

Benefits of a Bigger Living Space 

Expanding a living space can significantly impact the people inside it. According to psychological studies, housing can influence mental health. Rooms that are too small or cluttered might cause unnecessary stress or anxiety. And a home without adequate function or flow can be depressing. 

Bigger rooms are brighter and easier to clean. They’re also better suited for large gatherings and formal family events. Guests gain access to neglected parts of your home while enjoying more practical furniture arrangements. Therefore, expanded homes promote togetherness, support wellness, and welcome visitors. 

DID YOU KNOW: Research shows that children who grow up in crowded houses are at a higher risk of anxiety. Some kids also develop depression, physical health problems, and learning impairments.  

10 Creative Home Expansion Ideas 

Expand your living space to make the most of your square footage. And satisfy cravings you didn’t even know existed with an interior decorator’s help. Together with a design/build team, they can help you choose between these eight creative home expansion ideas: 

#1. Finish the Basement 

Cultivate the space beneath your house to instantly increase the livable square footage without changing the upstairs layout. Turn it into a home theater, game room, or guest quarters while boosting your property value.

NOTE: Don’t forget the emergency exits and backyard access if you build basement bedrooms. 

#2. Open Up the Kitchen 

Remodel your kitchen to include more storage space and a free-flowing layout. Open concept homes are worth more on the real estate market. Plus, minor kitchen renovations can transform the room into a multifunctional hub.

NOTE: Consider building a walk-in pantry, custom cabinetry, or breakfast nook. 

#3. Enlarge the Bathroom 

Bathroom square footage is essential whether you’re buying, selling, or living in a house. Free-standing showers, dual sinks, and soaking tubs can fetch a high price. And even if you create a half-bath, you still gain equity and more peace of mind in the home.  

NOTE: You can build two private bathrooms instead of one ample community space. 

#4. Create a Second Story 

Increase your living space with a second-story addition to your house. It’s like stacking two homes on top of each other without sacrificing the lawn. You also get fantastic views of the neighborhood from upper-level balconies. And depending on the size of your property, second-story terraces can serve as extra outdoor space. So, create spare rooms or enjoy extra storage for other parts of your home. 

NOTE: Building a second story can be expensive. So, talk to your designer for money-saving tips. 

#5. Transform the Attic 

Your attic possesses unlimited potential for a functional home addition. Like the basement, attic remodeling lets you harness unused square footage without disrupting other levels. You can turn the space into guest bedrooms, a home office, a private gym, or an art studio. And the best part is that you get more than half of your investment back when you move. 

NOTE: Ensure the ceiling is at least seven feet high and connect the floor to your stairway. 

#6. Build Some Dormers 

Dormers are an inexpensive alternative to reconstructing an attic. They also give you more square footage in upper-level rooms. Plus, well-placed dormers allow more natural light into the space while adding curb appeal to your home. Prepare to get back much more in the form of resale value and quality of life. 

NOTE: The best placement can boost your headroom and provide additional storage. 

#7. Make Room Over the Garage

Garage lofts and bonus rooms can serve countless purposes, especially for large families and small business owners. You can rent out the space or use it for guests, hobbies, and other interests. However, most communities require vapor barriers, fireproof drywall, and new roofing on garage expansions. And many homeowners can spend more than $50 per square foot in the process. 

NOTE: Think about turning an attached garage into a spare bedroom or workspace. 

#8. Turn Your Porch Into a Sunroom 

Spending time on your porch is great until it gets too hot or cold outside. And real estate agents don’t consider your patios livable space unless they’re enclosed. You must also connect them to the home’s HVAC system to block extreme weather conditions. That’s because you can enjoy the landscape without enduring the elements. 

NOTE: Make sure the structure is durable enough to withstand heavy wind and precipitation. 

Bump-out home additions can provide the space you need to live your best life. But they’re not your only option. You can make the most of your square footage and build the home of your dreams with Cornerstone Remodeling teams

Expand Your Living Space with Cornerstone Remodeling

Ready to start comparing concepts and crunching the numbers? Discuss your options with Cornerstone experts and get a project quote to determine the budget. We offer affordable financing and can customize the project to suit your lifetime. So, reach out to our outstanding home design team to go big or go home.  

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