What's the difference?

How Our remodeling process Works


Every homeowner is different. Our free consultations provide the perfect opportunity for our experts to understand your needs, vision, and budget while also discussing some ideas of what we can do to transform your home in Maryland for the better. SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION


Following the consultation, your dedicated home contractors will design a beautiful and functional solution that reflects your brief. This will then be delivered as a comprehensive personalized proposal that is open to multiple rounds of revisions if needed.


As a homeowner, you need to know the costs of any proposed project before committing to it. Our experts can deliver a full breakdown of the estimated costs. Again, if necessary, we can discuss any adjustments that can be incorporated into the design.


The next step of the home remodeling in Maryland process is for our experts to lock in the proposal design and draw up a contract that is ready for you to review. Once confirmed, we can begin the active process of building your home.


Cornerstone Materials will guide you through the process of selecting the right cabinets, flooring, fixtures, and appliances for your brand new remodel. We can also help you secure discounted prices, allowing you to buy with 100% confidence. 

Pre-Construction Meeting

The final pre-construction meeting will determine the order of work and the right time frames to ensure that the project can be completed in the quickest time without compromising on quality. A defined plan also ensures minimal disruption to your life.


Our skilled carpenters and craftspeople will complete the installation to the highest professional standards to deliver a new home that is set to last for years. We also pride ourselves on transparent communication throughout.

Initial Consultation

We’ll meet to discuss your project vision and share ideas. We’ll roll up our sleeves to create your custom design and tailored proposal. Schedule a Consultation.


Our Designers are here to help you choose the best materials, fixtures, and design elements for your project. Read More.

READy, set, go

Our in-house team of carpenters, designers, vendors, and subcontractors get started while staying connected and supportive until the project is completed.

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