A Columbia Family’s Customer Journey with Cornerstone Remodeling

This is the story of a Columbia, Maryland family’s renovation journey with Cornerstone Remodeling. It’s a story of modest trials and happy triumphs; it’s a narrative culminating with the effects of home remodels on daily experiences and family life.


Living in a Columbia, Maryland townhome built in 1971, the family of five had been contemplating a move or a handful of remodels to make their spaces more functional and beautiful (the “Love It or List It” approach).

At one point, a move seemed most effective. The homeowners placed an offer on a home, but the deal fell through.  After seeing Cornerstone’s “Best Of Howard County” award in Howard Magazine, they had a change of heart and reached out to discuss their first remodeling project: a full kitchen renovation with the possibility of additional first-floor projects. Over the years, their kitchen had been updated with new appliances, yet the space craved a complete makeover.

They also contacted another local remodeler for a quote and design for their kitchen project.


Previously, the family contracted with two other remodelers for separate bathroom renovations, which yielded uneven and, sometimes, unpleasant experiences. The homeowners were determined to find another company who could effectively transform their kitchen and possibly other spaces.

As they pondered their renovation, the family browsed Cornerstone’s Facebook page and website to learn more about completed design/build projects. They also researched another local remodeler.


After meeting and chatting with the Cornerstone team, the homeowners received the first draft of their kitchen design, which appealed to their needs and wants. They also felt decidedly comfortable with their Cornerstone designer, Hannah Fish.

The second quote from the other local contractor did not resonate with their vision and desires.


In May of 2020, the family selected Cornerstone and their project was soon underway. They were excited and nervous about the work unfolding, but sensed the Cornerstone team would support them throughout their kitchen renovation and other potential projects.


As the project commenced, the family communicated regularly with A.J. Ballantine, one of Cornerstone’s owners, and Hannah Fish, their Cornerstone designer. They also worked closely with the project manager, Chris Hogsten, and the production team members, including Ephraim Rose. 

Regularly, the family used CoConstruct project management/estimating software to view job updates and make payments.

As their kitchen work progressed, they opted to contract with Cornerstone for additional needs including: removing a wall; redoing their living room floors; creating built-in bookcases; and insulating select walls and the fireplace.

The homeowners shared that Cornerstone provided a full-service experience and also supported small items that fell outside of their projects, such as repairing a door and assisting in the selection of paint colors for additional spaces.


The homeowners happily rely on their new kitchen for usual daily functions as well as meetings (hello, Zoom!) and homework. They no longer envision moving in the near future, but if they do, they’d like to take their kitchen and other renovated spaces with them (we’ll see if we can arrange that!).

Perhaps the deepest form of advocacy Cornerstone Remodeling experiences is earning a repeat client. Following the completion of their kitchen remodel and other first-floor projects, the family opted to refresh their second floor spaces.

They’ve also referred Cornerstone to friends and other contacts, indicating their trust and happiness with the team who are “all so nice, kind, and polite.”

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