Lauren Weber named General Manager

Lauren Weber

We are excited to announce a strategic move to enhance our services and expand operations. A.J. Ballantine, Cornerstone’s founder, is focusing on his role as founder and strategic partner, and in turn stepping away from his general manager duties. His plan includes handing the torch to Lauren Weber, the company’s current Home Design Lead. Read about Cornerstone’s mission to raise the bar industry-wide.

Get To Know Our Designers

Cornerstone Remodeling prides itself on being an exceptional design build. Led by Hannah Fish, Annamarie Hamilton, & Molly Grubor, our designers excel in being some of the best in the business.

Cornerstone Profiles: AJ Ballantine – Owner

Cornerstone Remodeling focuses on making the most of your home. Our teams unlock your property’s potential with hand-picked elements and efficient essentials. Here’s what the owner, A.J. Ballantine, has to say about it all.

Cornerstone Profiles: Chris Hogsten – Project Manager

Q: What makes you get up and go to work every day?  I love being a part of the Cornerstone crew. The atmosphere at work is amazing and I get plenty of opportunities to teach. And even though we have several younger guys on the team who are eager to learn, I’m constantly surprised by […]

Cornerstone Profiles: Kyle Myers – Project Developer

Cornerstone Remodeling believes creativity and collaboration are the keys to unlocking your property’s potential. That’s why we hand-pick experts like Kyle Myers to lead our Project Development team. Here’s what he has to say about playing such an essential role in the construction of your dream home.  Q: What do you love about your career […]

Cornerstone Profiles: Hannah Fish – Designer

Why did you choose a career in design? My dad went to a fine arts school (and currently works in the engineering field), and my mom has been a knitter for as long as I can remember. Being raised around the arts for my entire life pushed me towards a creative career path – but […]