Discover the Potential in Your Home

Home potential is a big deal, especially if you have a large or active family. Suitable spaces can become cramped quarters quickly, and what used to work comfortably is no longer ideal. What gives? 

It might be time for an upgrade. Newer home building techniques and advances in modern materials combine to create a more valuable and functional space.  Meanwhile, interior design trends shift rapidly, bringing in new visual elements and room layout ideas. Your evolving lifestyle needs an updated floor plan to see your property’s full potential. 

Determining if your haven has hidden value can be tricky. You’ve likely grown accustomed to many of your home’s features and the monotony can make it challenging to see past the norm. So answer these questions instead: 

  • Could you expand a room to make it more accessible? 
  • Do you need extra space for additional activities? 
  • How many adjustments do you make to maintain the flow in your home?
  • Does your house have the best building materials in each room? 
  • How will the property’s current state affect the resale value? 
  • Do all of the primary components function as needed? 
  • Are the color schemes and wall coverings reflective of your style?
  • Does the existing floor plan suit your lifestyle? 

You should examine each room, then compare your answers with the other housemates. Find out if there are hidden desires so you can unlock your home’s potential. Here’s what else you need to know. 

Tips to Help Uncover Home Potential 

Rewrite the history of your house, and become the first owners to put your stamp on the blueprints. Pour everything into this remodel to make the property work for your unique lifestyle by focusing on the specific elements that will increase the functionality and appearance of your home. Talented interior designers can help you make the most of every square inch. 

In the meantime, create a remodeling to-do list and begin preparing ahead of time for the work. Here are some tips to get you started: 

Tip #1: Embrace the Power of Color 

Create a foundation for the rest of your remodel with fresh paint and wall coverings. Use colors that highlight your structure and coordinate with your decor to create a timeless look.

Tip #2: Walk with Confidence 

Make rooms accessible, safe, and stylish with new flooring. You can even coordinate the floors with ceiling elements, wall paint, and colorful décor. Try creating a theme for a more purposeful look. 

Tip #3: Keep It Together  

Upgrade your cabinets and countertops with a custom configuration that supports your lifestyle. You get extra storage space for utensils and pantry items, plus food prep is much easier in a well-designed kitchen. 

Tip #4: Pick Practicality  

Enjoy the full potential of a home remodel by updating the fixtures. Choose function over fashion, but look for the best of both worlds. Then try coordinating everything with the floors, paint, lighting, and hardware. 

Tip #5: Let There Be Light 

Brighten your life and embrace your home’s potential with excellent lighting in every room. You can create hot spots, highlight décor, or develop custom workspaces. Also, try incorporating tech if possible. 

Tip #6: Open Up  

The open-concept design helps homeowners entertain while promoting togetherness with family. It also increases your home value and provides more natural light. Try knocking down some walls to create extra space. 

Tip #7: Add and Subtract  

Get rid of dead spots in your home by building an addition. Designers can help integrate useless areas for square footage or develop plans for a tailored site. Try using more of the land between your property lines. 

Remember, you can change anything about your home and make it work for your needs. Perhaps you live in a breathtaking landscape, and you want to bring more of nature inside. Mid-Maryland’s best home remodeling firm won’t hesitate to accommodate your wishlist. 

How to Build the Home You’ve Always Wanted 

Stop living in a house that doesn’t match your personality. Build a home that gives its full potential to your friends and family. Here’s how: 

  1. Consider your property’s current value. Could your home be worth more than it is right now?
  2. Look at homes in your neighborhood. How does your property compare to nearby houses? 
  3. Consult an interior designer. Are there any elements you missed or need in your plans? 
  4. Get a three-dimensional rendering. Which things about the proposed design do you love/hate?
  5. Ask for a remote project quote. Can you afford the work you want on your home?
  6. Qualify for financing. Are you eligible for affordable payment plans with your contractor? 

Follow these steps to develop a floor plan that makes more sense. Then get started on your project as soon as possible because schedules fill up quickly. Most larger scale home remodeling work takes months to complete. So, begin prep and planning beforehand to ensure you hire the most capable team. 

Contact Cornerstone 

We’re Baltimore’s Best Home Remodeling Firm, and we’ve got the portfolio to prove it. Our clients receive consistent quality and enjoy our commitment to customer service. We cater to homeowner specifics to help uncover their property’s full potential. After all, the original home builder probably didn’t plan for today’s standards. Contact our award-winning interior design team to get started on a satisfying design/build. Transform your home into a personalized oasis with our help!


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