Bring Nature Inside with Ingenious Home Design Tricks Like These

Bring nature inside to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells regardless of the season. Watch your flowers bloom and see the leaves change colors when it’s cold outside. You can coordinate the décor with each passing month while relaxing in a room filled with natural elements. After all, nice weather won’t last forever, and you shouldn’t have to hibernate in depressing spaces. 

Transform your home layout with a customized remodel instead. Use our clever home design tricks to create a fluid floor plan that displays nature’s bounty. Make the most of your landscape with an intelligent layout and well-placed features. Then increase your property value and enhance your neighborhood while basking in the beauty of your new building. 

Why Natural Elements at Home Matter 

According to ecopsychology experts at Yale University, natural elements at home are essential. That’s because being in or around nature can affect your mood and impact your sense of wellbeing. For example, when was the last time you were drowsy or depressed on a sunny day? And when it rains, don’t you feel like taking a long nap? Welcome to the human race. 

As a species, we are influenced by the plants, animals, and natural features that surround us. People who live inside homes with small rooms, few windows, or poor natural light exposure can feel sad or in a rut. They often lack the creativity and freedom required to make significant changes in their lives. So, they experience the blues despite perfect weather outside. 

Meanwhile, studies show that people who integrate the environment into their surroundings are happier and healthier overall. They feel less trapped and more connected to the world around them. Many homeowners also report increased energy levels and productivity at home. And as it turns out, viewing live nature scenes is usually the reason. 

Unfortunately, we don’t all live around fantastic landscapes. Some neighborhoods offer limited views, with homes in close proximity to one another. So, we need home design hacks to meet Mother Nature where she stands or bring nature inside. Here are three more reasons why that matters: 

Prevent Angry Outbursts 

You’re less likely to feel fury or contempt when you’re surrounded by natural zen. People who live in homes with large windows are generally more private and prone to discussion rather than rage. Plus, specific design elements can help reduce anger and provide easy solutions when you feel overwhelmed. 

Eliminate Stress 

Feeling stressed while surrounded by beauty is a challenge, even on your worst day. Homeowners with comfortable outdoor access can escape the grind to relax in privacy. Meanwhile, cooped up occupants can rely on strategic window placements and organic art installations to bring the outside in. 

Decrease Blood Pressure  

Reduced anger, stress, and fear can help reduce hypertension and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. A healthier heart means a longer life and more opportunities while you’re alive. So, make the most of your time on earth by bringing nature inside the home for everyone to enjoy. 

Ancient cultures have understood the power of color and natural elements since the dawn of time. People still use traditional Feng Shui principles to create balance with nature in the home. But what else can you do to bring nature inside? Let’s explore the top ten options. 

10 Ingenious Ways to Bring Nature Inside Your Home 

You might have purchased your home without considering its relationship with the natural world. Perhaps you didn’t even think nature was essential until now. Fortunately, integrating design elements from nature is not a trend. People have been doing it for millenia, so you know some features will never go out of style.

Bring nature inside with these ten clever home design tricks. Then use our tips to customize a home design and stay connected to Mother Earth for years to come. 

#1. Make the Most of Natural Light 

Flood your home with light from the sun, moon, and stars. Build skylights, use sheer curtains, or hang windows in new places. Natural light helps you see inside while eliminating the need for lamps in the daytime. You can lower your carbon footprint while you’re at it. That way, you help preserve nature’s beauty for future generations. 

TIP: Install bigger windows on the sides of your with the most sun exposure. 

#2. Cultivate Vigorous Houseplants 

Did you know that houseplants can help filter and freshen the air in your house? They breathe in all the carbon monoxide and expel pure oxygen into the atmosphere. The bigger the leaves, the better the output. Plus, indoor plants can improve your existing décor by adding color and dimension to the space. 

TIP: Choose indoor plants with varied leaf colors to add dimension to the space.  

#3. Choose Wooden Features and Furniture 

Choose wood furniture, countertops, cabinets, and doors to bring nature inside. You can also cover the floor with durable planks or create a wooden accent wall to create warmth in the room. Try installing beams if your layout allows them. Or integrate wood accessories throughout the property to maintain the rustic charm. 

TIP: Coordinate your choices with the environment and climate. 

#4. Create a Nature-Inspired Wall Mural 

Art is essential in a nature-inspired home design. That’s because the natural world features various shapes and colors that provide an organic aesthetic. You can mix and match medias or choose shades that compliment your favorite window views. Then add focused lighting to showcase your excellent taste while paying homage to the best local artists.  

TIP: Create a tranquil atmosphere with indoor water features. 

#5. Add Organic Textures 

You can’t bring a patch of grass into your home or throw dirt on the floor. But you can integrate natural textures that look and feel like the real thing. Use various colors and materials to create the look you desire. Then match it up with your surroundings for a seamless design that soothes the senses and inspires the mind. 

TIP: Imitate features of the landscape on your floors, walls, ceilings, and accents. 

#6. Improve the Air Flow 

Buildings breathe, so they require adequate airflow. Besides, there’s nothing like a refreshing breeze flowing through the house on a beautiful day. Install your doors and windows where there’s maximum exposure to the wind. You may not be able to go outside, but at least you can enjoy fresh air indoors.

TIP: Install an advanced HVAC system to pump fresh scents throughout the house.

#7. Harness the Elements

Elemental design features can add intrigue to the space while also creating a more natural environment. The power of water, fire, and earth cannot be denied. Many studies show that natural design elements can promote positivity, peace, and prosperity. They also bode well with any water features or views in your house. 

TIP: Build an all-season fireplace with natural elements to enjoy a cozy glow. 

#8. Integrate Stone, Rock, or Masonry 

Bring nature inside with clever masonry or stone work. You can add it to your fireplace, use it on your countertops, cover your floors with it, or create a visual masterpiece. Stone and rock also look excellent next to wooden features and around water. Look at your landscape for ideas. Then play with the options or ask an interior designer for inspiration.

TIP: Take inspiration from local architecture to match the community curb appeal. 

#9. Pick Earthtone Paint Colors 

The power of color is undeniable. Walk into a bright room and automatically sense a change in your mood. But step into a dark room and feel something different. Even businesses use paint colors to manipulate their customer’s emotions. So, do the same at home. And use earth tones for a more natural aesthetic. 

TIP: Add pops of color with versatile decorations that coordinate with each season. 

#10. Build an Open Concept Floor Plan 

Put a cherry on top of your nature-inspired home design by building an open concept layout. You can remove walls that don’t bare weight or combine spaces to create more flow. Or make your property bigger with a smart expansion from Baltimore’s Best Home Remodeling Firm of 2021. If there’s a will, there’s a way to bring nature inside. 

TIP: Expand living spaces that provide maximum access to the best views in the house. 

Visual design must unify several aspects to create a symbiotic atmosphere. So, only talented interior designers can orchestrate the many details involved. That’s because you can’t bring nature inside without these twelve essentials: 

  • Variety 
  • Movement 
  • Pattern 
  • Repetition 
  • Contrast 
  • Balance 
  • White Space 
  • Emphasis
  • Hierarchy 
  • Proportion 
  • Rhythm 
  • Unity

Create the home of your dreams when you bring nature inside with these ingenious design tricks.

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Reach out to our crew and discover the possibilities. We can provide a remote service estimate to help get you started, then affordable financing options when you’re ready to go. See for yourself why we’re Baltimore’s Best and intend to stay that way. 

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