Enhanced Financing Options for a Challenging Economy 

Home remodel financing is usually a complicated process. It depends heavily on Federal interest rates, the housing market, and your credit score. However, property values and FICO aren’t the only obstacles modern homeowners face. Today’s economy can make loan approval a nightmare, even when you do everything right.

Lauren Weber named General Manager

Lauren Weber

We are excited to announce a strategic move to enhance our services and expand operations. A.J. Ballantine, Cornerstone’s founder, is focusing on his role as founder and strategic partner, and in turn stepping away from his general manager duties. His plan includes handing the torch to Lauren Weber, the company’s current Home Design Lead. Read about Cornerstone’s mission to raise the bar industry-wide.

Discover the Potential in Your Home

Home potential is a big deal, especially if you have a large or active family. Suitable spaces can become cramped quarters quickly, and what used to work comfortably is no longer ideal. What gives?

How Do You Know Your Home Needs An Upgrade? Here’s How We Can Tell

Home update warning signs aren’t always easy to spot. You live in the house for years and become accustomed to your surroundings. Some homeowners eventually learn to cope with layout problems and design flaws. So, how do you know when it’s time for an upgrade? We can help you see the warning signs.

Planning Ahead: Your Home Remodel Scheduling Guide

Hoping to remodel this year? You’d better get started soon! The planning process can be lengthy and there are many variables at play. Due to supply chain issues, most projects require several months to coordinate and as the homeowner, you have to plan ahead to get things done on time. The good news is: Cornerstone is here to help!