The Host With The Most: How to Have a Happier Holiday at Home

The holidays are here, and everyone is panicking. But you’ve got it all under control (sort of). That’s why the family loves when you host the celebrations. So, is your house ready for the festivities like you are? All we want for Christmas is a “yes.”  

‘Tis the season to live more and stress less. However, an outdated home can make your carsick visitors say, “Bah humbug.” And although holiday cheer is about honoring the little things, even a minor remodel can make a significant impact on your guests’ experience. 

It’s an honor to host friends and family for the holidays. The memories alone are worth more than any gift you’ll receive. So, let’s make sure your home is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Eight Essentials for Effortless Holiday Entertaining 

Planning holiday activities can be stressful, even if you’ve done it a thousand times. Each new year brings new expectations, the latest trends, and a longer wish list. But as your family grows, you need a home that grows with it. 

That means last year’s design might not work anymore. And it’s not all about who visits for the season. Holiday hosting can test your sanity if when unprepared. So, take it easy for once. Cover these eight essentials before sending out invitations:  

#1. Timeless Décor and Efficient Design

Some home design trends make sense, but most only temporarily impress people. And trendy home designs might also look terrible in next year’s photos. You can’t count on popular décor to function for your family forever. You must create a timeless aesthetic to forget about the growing pains. 

Timeless home designs work because they share these three practical properties: 

  1. Efficient floor plans 
  2. Attractive decorations 
  3. Updated technologies 

Welcome your guests to their home away from home with a sensible layout that harnesses the latest creature comforts. Then enjoy a holiday season that’s finally fit for the photo albums. 

TIP: Hire a shrewd interior decorator to help make the most of each room. 

#2. Ample Prep Space for Traditional Favorites  

Part of getting together for the holidays is making your favorite recipes. But that’s easier said than done in a small kitchen. If it lacks cabinetry and countertops, you can’t cook certain dishes that require several ingredients or large appliances. And dish-appointment isn’t on anyone’s wish list ever. 

Expand your countertops or add cabinetry for grandma’s famous biscuits, all while improving the flow of your home. You can reconfigure the kitchen layout to accommodate foodies in your family. Or build a bespoke space for meal prep with hot/cold storage. Let your loved ones flex their culinary muscles on your turf. 

TIP: Try to find ways to utilize the nooks and crannies in your kitchen, dining room, and pantry. 

#3. Functional Fixtures and Appliances 

A dysfunctional space can steal the joy from your happy holiday celebration. Meanwhile, your home’s layout isn’t the only factor that affects efficiency. If your appliances and fixtures aren’t working, neither will your party plans. And you might have gotten used to the inefficiencies, but your guests probably haven’t. 

Deal with the malfunctioning areas of your home swiftly. Not only are broken appliances and fixtures frustrating, but they’re also dangerous. As the host with the most, it’s your job to organize a safe celebration. So, don’t neglect slight problems, or they could turn into uncomfortable ordeals. 

TIP: Have a professional plumber or electrician analyze your home before the guests arrive. 

#4. Open Concept Layout for Cozy Gatherings 

Did you know that more than 2/3 of homebuyers seek an open concept floor plan? That’s because it’s easier to entertain guests with fewer barriers. High walls and sectional spaces can separate groups and make interacting more difficult. But an open layout helps keep everyone together while still reserving rooms for different activities. 

The most challenging part is deciding which rooms to turn into an open concept. You have to weigh the pros and cons of remodeling, unique to each structure. Luckily, the holidays are perfect for remodeling interior spaces to suit developing personalities. Plus, an open concept can help increase your property value, making gift-giving even more of a pleasure. 

TIP: Choose to remodel rooms that boost your resale value the most. 

#5. Lighting That Makes Sense for the Space 

When was the last time you updated the lighting in your home? Many homeowners don’t consider how their light choices affect mood and motivation. But the fact is that poor lighting can depress your guests and make it more difficult for them to unwind. Besides, nobody wants to cook in a dark kitchen.

On the contrary, good lighting can protect your guests as they utilize different zones. The best lights can also help hide flaws, boosting your guests’ self-esteem and encouraging interaction. So, think of the luminaries in your home as functional art pieces. Then choose decorative lamps that do your family justice.

TIP: Consider using various lighting options to create distinctions between spaces. 

#6. Access to Amenities and Landscaping 

Visiting your house shouldn’t be synonymous with an abrupt lifestyle change. So, whether you provide a designated smoking area or a spot for pets, try to be as accommodating as possible. This way, you can keep your house clean during the holidays without sacrificing the laid-back atmosphere. 

Here are the five most helpful holiday home amenities: 

  • Balconies (with or without roofing) 
  • Decks (low-maintenance materials)
  • Patios (open or enclosed) 
  • Sunrooms (attached to common areas) 
  • Second Story Additions (excellent neighborhood views)

You don’t have to live on sprawling acreage to make loved ones feel welcome. Sometimes, you have to rethink the flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s your turn to share the holiday spirit. Make the most of it. 

TIP: Hire a design team to help discover the possibilities between your property lines. 

#7. Storage for Your Seasonal Stock 

Spread cheer every time you spread the tablecloth by keeping your seasonal garb in storage. But don’t just shove your stuff in the nearest closet. You can’t account for wrinkles, moisture, dust, or pests that way. Remember, this is supposed to be a stress-free holiday for you too. 

Functional homes feature ample spaces to store decorations and gifts. Here’s why that matters: 

  • People love hidden presents given on a whim. 
  • You can safely store the gifts others give. 
  • Your decorations stay beautiful for longer. 
  • Clever storage makes entertaining look effortless. 

Take full advantage of your home’s potential. Let each space become anchored to tidings of good cheer. Then transform your house into a holiday hideaway that puts a smile on everyone’s face.  

TIP: Integrate clever cubbies, closets, and built-ins to stay organized and hide surprises for guests. 

#8. Room for Welcomed Loved Ones 

You shouldn’t have to dismiss the ones you love because your home is too small. What happens if your favorite people don’t want to say goodbye? Keep the holiday spirit burning with another log on the fire and another night together as a family. The year has gone by so fast already. 

Guest rooms, lofts, and makeshift sleeping zones are essential for happy holiday hosting. That’s because babies, children, expectant mothers, and elderly guests appreciate designated rest areas. You don’t have to use them for overnight stays either. These spaces help maintain smooth operations while communicating concern for other people’s needs. 

TIP: Try to modify your home for loved ones with disabilities and small children, even if only temporarily.

Cover these eight entertaining essentials before hosting a holiday gathering. Let your layout speak volumes about how much you love the people there. Then use your impeccable taste to become a part of the celebration instead of just the person who made it possible. At Cornerstone, we believe you’re the reason for the season. 

Your Home Is a Gift That Keeps on Giving. Make the Most of It.

With creative remodeling, holidays don’t have to be a source of stress and chaos. This season is supposed to be about warm smiles, cozy nooks, and mugs of hot cocoa. So if a home is where the heart is, make sure yours has enough room for the people you love. 

We keep it simple so you can keep shopping, decorating, and planning festivities. Our joyful team wants to celebrate with your family. So, reach out for more information or get a remote quote while your idea is fresh. Too bust shopping until you drop to think of ideas? Check out the Cornerstone Remodeling project portfolio to discover why we’re Baltimore’s Best in 2021

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