How Do You Know Your Home Needs An Upgrade? Here’s How We Can Tell

Home update warning signs aren’t always easy to spot. You live in the house for years and become accustomed to your surroundings. Some homeowners eventually learn to cope with layout problems and design flaws. So, how do you know when it’s time for an upgrade? We can help you see the warning signs.  

Remodeling your house can be exciting. However, it requires expert interior designers and plenty of planning. In the meantime, you should do a walk-through of your property to determine where you could improve the layout. 

Six Signs You’re Not Making the Most of Your Home 

Determining the potential of your home means observing many details. However, you’ve likely adjusted to the cramped spaces, lack of storage, and an awkward floor plan. Looking around the room, it can be hard to see how things could be different. Ideas abound, but it likely feels hard to focus on any one of them. 

It doesn’t help that most home remodeling involves multiple steps. Imagining a new interior design or layout could feel overwhelming, so you stick with what you know. Years go by, and your house becomes outdated, with lowered functionality and decreased value on the real estate market. Your home is not living up to its potential at that point. 

You can track the home value and note which rooms no longer work, but that won’t give you all the answers. Consider these six things also:  

#1. The Paint and Wall Coverings Are Old 

Check out your walls. Do they have cracks, water damage, or faded paint? Perhaps you wrapped some rooms in trendy wallpaper that is no longer in style. Or maybe your home features outdated paneling that darkens the space. 

You can’t put a bunch of updated stuff into a room with unsightly walls. It will create disharmony and imbalance in your house. Make your space coordinate with its developing potential with upgraded fundamentals. 

DID YOU KNOW: You can use paint colors to influence mood or boost creativity in different areas. 

#2. Your Flooring Is Faded or Damaged 

Upgrade the fade and fix the faults in your home’s flooring. After all, you could be missing out on the potential of specific spaces if not. Nobody wants to tiptoe around broken tiles, worn wood, or peeling vinyl. Damaged flooring can also decrease your home value or make it feel less welcoming to guests. You may encounter additional liabilities or cause avoidable accidents with neglected floors. Occupants and visitors prefer sturdy surfaces for convenience, safety, and style. 

DID YOU KNOW: Beautiful flooring can also be an excellent conversation starter or functional art installment. 

#3. The Cabinetry and Countertops Are Impractical 

More storage means more space for living your best life. However, old or outdated cabinets and countertops can hamper your plans. Poorly constructed layouts and low-quality materials make food preparation and entertaining home-spun headaches. Enhance the flow of your kitchen, then create a relaxing oasis in the bathroom with practical modern elements. 

DID YOU KNOW: Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms with sensible hardware can help create a timeless look.

#4. Your Fixtures Have Seen Better Days 

Fixtures have a way of making or breaking an interior design. Rusty, leaky, and tarnished accents can pull attention away from high-quality elements like new countertops and appliances. They might also clash with your updated wall color or make modern decorations seem out of place. Updated fixtures can create a layer of design that reads more custom and shows off your personal style.

DID YOU KNOW: Some bathroom and kitchen fixtures could be too small or large for the room’s scale. 

#5. Lighting 

Lighting is crucial during a remodel. It helps homeowners and guests discover the property’s true potential. See your upgrades in astonishing detail and highlight your favorite areas for increased productivity. 

DID YOU KNOW: You can use lights as art pieces or integrate tech for more convenience

#6. Layout 

Does your home have flow, or are you constantly stepping over, around, and under different elements? Your house should feature a floor plan that makes sense for your lifestyle. Active children, relaxed retirees, and social butterflies require different layouts and unique designs. Is your investment still serving you?

Everyone in the house should have a personal space to learn, grow, explore, and enjoy time alone. Practical homes also feature areas for entertaining, storage, and work. Perhaps it’s time to consider knocking down some walls or building new ones. An interior designer can help you decide. 

DID YOU KNOW: Open concept homes often sell for more on the modern real estate market. 


Find out if a home update is in the cards, then calculate the timeline. Your home’s potential lies beyond its current value and within your budget. Discover hidden worth beneath the outdated design elements and restrictive floor plan. Ask the pros to help you visualize a better layout. Contact Cornerstone Remodeling design/build experts for help with your modern home upgrade. Our team can determine allowances, create a project schedule, and show you how to finance your dream home. We offer affordable payment plans despite the volatile housing market, and we provide virtual quotes with 3D renderings for your convenience.

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