How to Tell If Your House Needs a Remodel

Home needs remodeling when it no longer feels cozy or functional. And your house deserves a style refresh every five to ten years anyway. That’s because families grow, and interior design trends can change. But you still need a place that brings out the best in every moment. So, is it time to remodel your property yet? 

Many homeowners are unsure whether to pay for home remodeling. The reason is that they’re unaware of what renovation does to their home’s worth. Usually, a professional design/build adds thousands to your property value. And practical, accessible, or upgraded features can also seal the deal at closing.

But what about the place you spend most of your days? How do you feel about the spaces, colors, features, and floor plan? If you don’t want to sell it, you should make your home an extension of your lifestyle. And you do that by learning to recognize when it’s time for an update.  

Seven Signs You Need to Remodel Your House 

Old homes can be charming. Plus, they have a ton of exciting features that contractors don’t build anymore, with robust materials and vintage fixtures. You can also make a lot of money selling historical homes with original designs. So, maybe a complete remodel isn’t right for some homeowners. But what about everyone else? 

Most homeowners don’t live in historic housing or vintage estates. They reside in modern homes with contemporary amenities instead. Meanwhile, the average client doesn’t follow home design trends and isn’t always aware of the latest and greatest. Thus, many people stay in houses they don’t enjoy or grow out of their floor plans before retirement. 

Camping in a cramped space can be stressful. And science proves that your environment affects your mood. Also, color has the power to change your demeanor and control your urges. So, if you fight with loved ones all the time or feel anxious after work, your house could be to blame. Here are seven ways to tell if your home needs remodeling or not: 

#1. Obvious Signs of Wear and Tear 

Your property won’t stay new forever. And while it may be new to you, there could be problem areas you don’t even see. Over time, those minor issues can grow out of hand and cost a fortune to fix. But a timely home remodeling project could save you money and reduce your stress. 

Look for damages or evidence of wear and tear. Then compare your home’s condition with similar houses in the area. If your property is dilapidated or falling apart, call a contractor immediately. And if your crib could use a little work, see what a local home design team can do for you. Chances are, those signs of wear and tear are easier to renovate than you realize. 

#2. Consistent Chaos in Tight Spaces 

Do you ever lose items in your house because there are no safe places to store things? What happens when guests arrive? How do you handle visitors and special occasions in your home? If you frequently take the party elsewhere or misplace crucial possessions, this message is for you. 

Chaos can ensue when you don’t have enough room to move. And it’s almost impossible to organize your belongings in a space lacking storage. Instead of freely frolicking through your house, you side-step and slip around tight spots. When you live like that, you only have two options: deal with it, or remodel the home. Choose wisely. 

#3. Outdated or Impractical Amenities 

New construction always features the latest in home innovation. However, today’s hot features are tomorrow’s cause for renovation. Antiquated or unrealistic amenities can make an otherwise cozy spot an irritating dungeon. But a partial remodel could streamline the layout to create a more inviting environment. 

So, how does your house compare to the rest of the neighborhood? Check it against these common home design trends from long ago: 

  • Plaster Walls 
  • Awkward Lighting 
  • Damaged Paint, Paneling, or Wallpaper 
  • Broken Intercom or Home Security Systems 
  • Dated Countertops and Cabinetry 
  • Low-Efficiency Appliances 
  • Old Bathroom Fixtures 
  • Popcorn Ceiling 

Modern homes are not difficult to design or build, especially for Baltimore’s Best Home Remodeling Firm. Moreover, you can increase your asking price when selling an updated house. So, check your amenities before they check you. 

#4. Out of Style Layout or Features 

Home needs remodeling when it’s function but not fashionable. Remember how color can change your mood? Research suggests that socially appropriate home décor can also affect your perspectives. After all, many people derive joy from keeping up with the Joneses. And it’s because the Joneses have all the best stuff. 

Your house doesn’t need to be a museum of the latest trends to feel more comfortable. But out-of-style features or fixtures and unrealistic layouts can decrease your quality of life. So, consider an open concept floor plan, built-in storage, or room additions to make your house feel like home again. 

#5. Cramped Living Quarters 

Bedrooms, studies, and recreational spaces should provide ample square footage for your activities. And you shouldn’t be limited to specific home decorations or furnishings because of the layout. Breathing room is fundamental, especially for personal, private, professional, or productive areas in the home. 

That means your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and basement might also need to be expanded. Generally, each space requires a footpath at least three feet wide. But even three feet can feel stuffy or cluttered. So, measure yourself and your furniture to determine the best arrangement. After all, it’s home. Make the most of it

#6. Exciting Future Plans 

Are you expecting an addition to the family? Have you recently adopted a pet, or are relatives coming to visit soon? Exciting plans for the future can overwhelm our schedules and make us forget to check the floor plan. But a practical home remodel could help welcome the changes without as many growing pains. 

Room additions are easy for expert home designers. They can expand existing spaces or create new ones that attach to your foundation. Build up or dig deep to maximize your square feet. Then make your plans even bigger with an accommodating home that’s ready for the future. 

#7. Greater Return on Investment (ROI) 

Remodeled homes with updated amenities and free-flowing floor plans sell for more in the real estate market. Outdated layouts, faded or damaged fixtures and potentially hazardous materials can lower your asking price. Meanwhile, you probably paid a hefty price for your property. So, make your money count. 

Home needs remodeling if your property value is less than other houses in the neighborhood. It’s a clear sign that something is wrong with your house. Homebuyers look for specific features, depending on the location. In other words, they want big windows on homes by bodies of water. And they want balconies where the views are beautiful. 

What Does a Home Remodel Consist Of? 

There is no such thing as an average home remodeling project. That’s because each homeowner has different needs. And their properties all have unique blueprints, benefits, and obstacles. Therefore, most people seek home remodeling companies that use contractors, engineers, interior designers, and project managers. A multifaceted crew covers the bases and gets the job done more efficiently. 

DID YOU KNOW: You can spend as much or little as you want when remodeling your house. Plus, Cornerstone offers affordable financing to those who qualify. 


Home needs remodeling whenever you say it does. It’s your house. Make it a better place to live with the help of Cornerstone Remodeling gurus. For more information about the costs and timelines, request a remote quote or in-person estimate. Or reach out to someone on the CR team for ideas, inspiration, and ignition. 

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