Your New Home Layout Checklist

Your new home layout checklist has arrived, and not a moment too soon. You’re about to settle into a new house, but the floor plan could be better. Few things flow, you have little space for entertaining, and the amenities are outdated. So, where do you begin? 

First-time home buyers want to know which elements belong on their property. They buy houses with potential and dream of what it could be. Fixer-uppers generally require room expansions, layout changes, and updates. But how do homeowners know which features to change or keep? 

What Features Should My New Home Have?

Learn how to incorporate an innovative floor plan on a house that’s already built. Then live in a property that suits your unique lifestyle and future plans. Remember, your home should be for self-expression, not first impressions. So, design a layout that accentuates your personality, private life, and professional ambitions. 

As most home buyers know, you should only purchase properties under certain conditions. That’s because some houses aren’t worth their asking price. Faulty foundations, roofing in disrepair, and leaky plumbing can significantly reduce the cost of a home. But those aren’t the only elements that people should consider. 

Efficient homes need updated amenities, free-flowing floor plans, lots of natural light, and plenty of storage space. The reason is that modern lifestyles require those elements for comfort, productivity, and socialization. Folks enjoy vintage styles and antique features but want to combine those aspects with contemporary layouts and the latest conveniences. 

Your New Home Layout Checklist 

Moving into a new home can produce countless emotions, including excitement, hopefulness, and dread. And that’s especially true if your property needs renovation or remodeling. So, which elements should you incorporate, and which ones should you avoid? Consider these 10 key features from our new home layout checklist:

#1. Ample Storage Space 

A home can’t be comfortable or functional when the storage space lacks. You get piles of personal items strewn about the room and general chaos instead. Meanwhile, a home with plenty of closets and shelves can help homeowners organize their stuff. So, increase the storage capacity or regret it later.

TIP: Choose innovative storage options such as Lazy Susans and integrated drawers to keep valuables organized. 

#2. Tech Amenities 

Did you know that you could equip your home with the latest security gear to keep loved ones safe? Plus, some manufacturers offer convenience technologies to make your life even simpler. Install automatic features, upgrade your appliances, or enhance the HVAC system to improve your way of life.

TIP: Research technologically advanced home designs to gather inspiration for your property. 

#3. Built-Ins 

Built-in elements give you more space and better visual appeal without taking up square footage. You can create appealing features and enjoy practicality while increasing your home value. Plus, you can redefine how you use each one as the family expands and lifestyles change. 

TIP: Look for the unused nooks and crannies around your house and put them to good use. 

#4. Natural Lighting 

Let there be light in your house, and don’t limit yourself to artificial lamps. Upgrading the lighting inside your home can be more expensive than installing a window anyway. Your energy bills also decrease with more natural light. So, let in the sun’s rays to make your spaces bigger and more affordable.  

TIP: Choose window locations based on the sun’s path to enjoy maximum light exposure. 

#5. Open Concept 

Create more livable space despite your square footage limitations. Knock down barrier walls that don’t support a load to reveal a different layout in your home. Meanwhile, enjoy a higher property value and better entertaining with flowing floor plans and connected rooms. 

TIP: Consider each room’s function before tearing out walls and creating an open layout

#6. Customized Creations 

It’s your home. Make the most of it with tailored features and one-of-a-kind design elements. For example, harness the power of color by picking vibrant hues for the walls, cabinets, and floors. Or choose exciting art to hang on the walls or make it a part of your favorite built-in feature. 

TIP: Hire an interior decorator to determine the best use of color and art in your home. 

#7. Room for Play 

Your new home needs plenty of room for recreation. That means building a finished basement, using the attic wisely, or expanding rooms to suit your lifestyle. Meanwhile, a professional design/build team can help you incorporate leisure into usable spaces without sacrificing the functionality of your new house.

TIP: Consider building up or down instead of out to maximize your square footage. 

#8. Solid Cabinetry 

Properties without ample cabinetry and solid countertops can be dangerous. Items could fall, break, or malfunction when surfaces aren’t sturdy. So, upgrade your kitchen and bathroom regardless of their size, shape, or form. After all, what worked for the previous homeowner probably won’t mesh with your unique lifestyle anyway.  

TIP: Coordinate your cabinets and countertops with the floors in your new home. 

#9. Practical Entryways 

Good houses have working doors, but great homes feature safe and sensible entrances. You can’t entertain or live stress-free when your doorways constantly jam. And nobody wants to visit a house with drafty windows or pointless doors. So, streamline your property with practical changes to the layout.

TIP: Reconsider the placement of windows and doors on your property. 

#10. Sensible Flooring 

Check flooring off your to-do list with trendy updates that accentuate your existing décor. However, remember that popular home designs can change quickly. So, choose neutral floors or ask an interior design for inspiration. Then repair faulty joists or remove ugly elements one room at a time. 

TIP: Look for soft spots in the foundation or damages to the flooring. 

Use this 10-point checklist to transform your new house into a homeowner’s paradise. Then re-evaluate your property every five to seven years for maximum value and enjoyment. But don’t forget to work with a design/build crew to avoid missing any crucial elements. 

Complete Your New Home Layout Checklist with Cornerstone Remodeling 

Ready to make the most of your new home with Baltimore’s Best Home Remodeling Firm? We’re not afraid of a fixer-upper, and we can help turn investment properties into mega-money makers. Get started with a quick project quote to determine the budget. Then reach out to a Cornerstone Remodeling expert for more information and style inspiration. 

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